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Holly and Di I wanted to put up a few links here. My own little section of goodies. None of the links are my own unfortunately. These are just places that I like to go from time to time. Places that I thought might be of interest to web surfers like yourself. Most of them direct you to places for more information on building web pages. Each of the following links will open in a fresh browser window:
  • CNET.com: Great place to get information on just about anything in the department of computer hardware, software, electronics... you know, all those great geeky toys. They have product reviews, price comparisons, downloads, and more.

  • Download.com by CNET: A great place for free software, shareware, trial software, and other great downloads.

  • Peachpit Press: This site belongs to the publishing company of the popular Visual Quickstart Guide books. These books are excellent books for both the beginner and the advanced user. They won't teach you everything you need to know, but they are a great place to start and a wonderful reference for the more advanced user. What drew me to this series of books originally is that they do not come with those useless coasters... errrr, I mean CD-ROMs that serve only to jack up the price of a book to $50 or $60. I think just about all these books run for around $20 or less. I have bought and/or used the books on HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and others.

  • Virtual Worlds Review: To quote the site... "Virtual Worlds Review is a guide to persistent online 2D and 3D virtual worlds that focus on social interaction (MMOSG's). The perfect starting point for anyone interested in learning about virtual worlds, it offers the basic information about many worlds along with visitor ratings, reviews and relevant links to off-site resources."

  • Woot!: An interesting concept in e-commerce. They sell one product each day starting at midnight (CST) and when that sells out they are done for the day. If the product doesn't sell out then a new item gets placed for sale at midnight and the process starts all over again. A great bargain shopping experience. I have purchased a few things from Woot so far — both for myself and as gifts for others. It's worth visiting the site just to read the clever product descriptions alone! Hurry... the good stuff tends to sell out fast!