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Reunion of Souls

By DS Bauden

Sitting in a bar wasn't exactly the kind of evening that Gina had planned for herself on this Tuesday night. She was forced against her will to go out and socialize with her best friend, Rita Kramer. She loved her friend, but bars were just not her cup of tea. Rita worked on her day and night, just to spend a little time with her friend. She was afraid Gina didn't get out as much as she should. Gina was an author, who liked to spend alot of time with herself and her stories. She wrote stories of two heroic young women that fought for the greater good of mankind. The stories were fun filled tales of ancient times with swords, sorcery, Greek and Roman gods, and whatever else she could think of. Her tales were dreams that would awaken her during the night. Somehow she felt that she had lived these tales in a time that she had forgotten. As much as the dreams were eerily familiar, she welcomed them every night they came. She saw the face of her warrior woman every single night, and it was her fiery blue eyes and raven colored hair that left her heart in a state of longing. Somehow she felt the she was the second woman of the duo. She always seemed to see her warrior with her own eyes. Rita never could believe the dreams that Gina would tell her, she just thought her friend was in need of a lover, a companion, or just someone to spend her time with. She just hoped that she could help with her friend's quest for happiness.

"Rita, why the hell did you bring me here? I was in the middle of a great new story. Trust me, I need to finish my story more than I need to drink." Gina said as she ran her hands through her long reddish-blonde hair.

"G, you never come out with me. I figured we could hang out tonight and maybe you could find the woman of your dreams."

"Ha, ha. That's not amusing Rita. I believe that she is out there somewhere. I just need to be in the right place at the right time. Besides, what the hell makes you think that she will be in a bar on a weeknight? It's Tuesday for Chrissakes!!! Who the hell is gonna be out tonight?"

"Are you saying that only losers like me come out to bars on a Tuesday night?"

"Rita, you know what I mean. If anyone comes looking for me, I am just gonna question everything about them."

"G, you are a beautiful girl. Have some self respect!"

"Whatever, just let me know when its time to leave."

"Gina, don't be like that, please. I only wanted to brighten your day a bit. I miss you hon. I worry about you."

"Rita, don't worry about me. I am great. Much to your disbelief, I like my life the way it is. I don't need excitement the way you do. I have my stories for that."

"G, I think that your stories need a break from you, and maybe you should try some real life excitement every once in awhile." Rita's eyes glanced into the emerald sarcastic stare of her friend.

"I guess this is where you come in?" She asked her friend with a heightened brow.


"Why was I afraid of that response?"

"Search me. Let's dance." Gina was uprooted by Rita and dragged to the dance floor, nearly pulling her shoulder out of the socket.


Rita and Gina had been friends since the tenth grade together. They both knew that they were gay, and actually had a fling when they were still in high school. It was completely experimental, and they knew that they were much better friends than lovers. Rita was more openly gay to people than Gina was. Gina didn't deny the fact that she was gay, she just didn't wear it on her sleeve. Rita was not Gina's type either, she had mobs of curly blonde hair and brown eyes. Gina had her dream woman, a woman warrior, her warrior, 'if only', she thought. She knew once she found her, she would be hers for all eternity. Until then, she would take the abuse of going out to clubs and such with Rita.

As they danced on the floor, Gina kept getting a feeling that they were being watched. Closely. She made her uneasiness known to Rita who told her she was just being paranoid.

"G, you are just being ridiculous. Have you seen anyone looking goofy at you?"

"No, I just have a strange feeling that there are eyes on us."

"Maybe someone is getting jealous."

"Yeah, right. Who would be jealous of me dancing with you?"

"You tell me, my paranoid friend. It's probably one of my latest conquests that wanted more than a romp in the sack."

"I told you that your extensive list of one night stands would come back and bite you one day."

"Would you please relax, man, you are killing my buzz."

"Sorry. You are probably right. C'Mon, I'll buy you a shot."

"You're on." She smiled at Gina and tugged her arm towards the bar.

The two moved slowly through the dance floor until they reached the darkened bar area. Gina leaned over and ordered two shots. A slippery nipple was Gina's favorite shot and she knew that Rita would drink anything that she didn't have to pay for. The two toasted each other and downed the liquor in a half of a second. As Gina put their empty glasses back on the bar, she noticed a man staring at her. She looked away and a wave of panic raced through her. She looked up again, and he was gone.

"Rita, did you see that man that was sitting across the bar?" She asked as she pointed to the empty space at the bar.

"No, which guy?" She asked as she scanned the area.

"He's gone now, but he was staring at me really strangely, he spooked me."

"G, you are really starting to make me crazy! Would you just stop it! No one is watching us."

"OK, I have had almost enough of this evening. Let me know when we can go OK?"

"Oh wait, there is Katie!! I have been trying to get her for almost a month." Rita exclaimed as she pointed at a young woman sitting across the bar. "I'll be right back."

"OK, but hurry. I really would like to leave soon alright?"

"OK hon I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Girl, you have no shame!"

"Don't I know it!"

Gina watched her friend make her moves on the prey in front of her. Sitting on a bar stool trying to relax, Gina sat back and listened to the conversations around her. She couldn't believe what she was hearing from some of these women. So many of them just wanted a good lay, but Gina was waiting for the real thing.

She looked around the bar and noticed the same strange man staring at her friend Rita. He was wearing an army jacket and a black bandanna around his head. His jeans were ratty and the boots on his feet were wrapped with duck tape around his toes. He watched Rita and Katie for a long time before he left the establishment completely. Gina's heart was in her throat. 'Who was that guy? How does he know Rita? I have got to get outta here.'

Her mind was filled with thoughts of an angered man waiting for them as they exited the bar. She heard gunshots in her head and closed her eyes tightly.

"Now I am getting paranoid. Christ! God, I hate this place! Why did we have to come here?"

Franklin Park was not the best neighborhood to flaunt your sexuality. Even if it was just a bar, some people still didn't like it in their area. There was a protest in the city when the bar initially opened. The people of this town didn't want "their kind" parading their streets. Rita was at the grand opening of Rena's, waving to the crowds as she walked through the doors.

She watched in silence as her friend made her final move towards her latest victim. The phone numbers were exchanged and Rita gave Katie a kiss on her cheek. She turned to look at Gina who was shaking her head and smiling. Rita gave her the thumbs up and walked around the bar back to Gina.

"I see that you were successful."

"Did you have any doubts?"

"Rita, I really want to get out of here. Are you ready to leave yet?" Giving her friend the puppy stare, Rita finally succumbed.

"Alright, you know those green eyes get me every time."

"I was hoping that they still worked their magic."

"C'Mon, grab your coat, I will bring the car around."

"Thanks, Rita. You are my best friend and I love you, but you have GOT to find another drinking partner. I just don't have it in me anymore."

"Oy! Here we go again. I'll see you in a bit." Rita gave Gina a kiss on her cheek and left to get the car.

Gina giggled and watched her friend leave and walked towards the coat check to grab her coat. She reached into her pocket to find her call ticket when her heart stopped as she heard gunshots and squealing tires. She reeled around and jetted for the door. A group of people had already gathered around a still figure laying on the pavement right outside the doors. Gina heard nothing but a buzzing in her ears as she saw the body laying on the ground. As if in slow motion, she made her way through the crowd. The thickness of the people was getting more and more dense with every step that she took. She saw Rita's lifeless face and a shriek escaped her lips. She looked around only to see the back lights of a white jeep screeching away from the scene.

"RITA! NO!!" She continued to scream as her hands fell onto the motionless body. Tears streamed down her face as she looked into the face of strangers. "Somebody help me! Call an ambulance!" She sobbed at their stunned faces. "Oh, Rita hang on! Don't you die on me!! Dammit Rita! Please!" She held her friend closely to her and heard no breath coming from her friend at all. She leaned down and started to give her CPR. Her body didn't respond.

"The Police and an ambulance are on their way." The owner of the bar came out and tried to lessen the crowd. "Please, get back inside!!! Give her some air!!"

"Come on Rita!! Breathe dammit!!" Gina sobbed into her friend, as she continued to administer CPR." She felt Rita's body jerk and shake. Her lungs were revived for the moment, she wearily looked up at Gina.

"Oh My God, Rita!! Can you hear me?"

"If I couldn't, I'd be dead." She coughed and wheezed as Gina embraced her while she wept into her hair.

"That's not funny. I thought you left me." Green eyes sparkled into fading brown.

"Gina, I...I.....love.....you." She smiled slightly at her friend as the darkness surrounded her once again.

"Rita?? Rita???? Honey, can you hear me?? Oh please God, don't take her yet.. Hang on Rita, the ambulance is almost here." She cried as she heard the sirens coming around the corner.

Three squad cars pulled up after the ambulance. A group of men and women sprang from their vehicles to the two women laying on the ground. Paramedics charged with their bags and medical equipment as the police scurried around asking questions to anyone that may have seen something, anything.

Gina told the paramedics everything that had happened in the last ten minutes.

"I gave her mouth to mouth, and she came to, but only for a few moments, then she passed out again. Is she gonna be alright? She took a shot in the head. She has lost a lot of blood."

"You did a good job trying to revive her. Who knows if she would have made it at all had you not given her CPR. Now stand back and let us get her to a hospital."

Gina nodded and backed off keeping a close eye on her friend. She wiped her tear streamed face once again and gasped when she saw Rita on the gurney with all of the masks and tubes on her.

"Oh my God, you have to be alright. I don't know what I'll do if you don't make it."

The policeman walked towards Gina when he saw her removed from the scene. He walked her to one of the cars and sat in her down inside.

"Now Miss. Can you tell me anything? Did you see anything?"

"My name is Gina, Gina Barnes. All I saw were the tail lights of a white jeep-type of vehicle. Then I saw Rita on the ground with blood coming out of her head. That's all I can tell you."

"Did you see a license plate on the jeep?"

"No, like I said I only saw the tail lights." She repeated as she shook her head. "Which hospital are they taking her to, I want to follow the ambulance if you don't mind."

"Not at all. They are taking her to Lutheran General. It's on Dempster, you know where it is?"

"Yes, I do. It's not far from my house. Can I leave now?"

One of the other officers approached Gina and gave her Rita's purse. Gina took the bag and gestured thanks to her.

"Yes, but I will need you to speak to another one of our detectives, if that's OK."

"Right now? Or can it wait until later?"

"Well, Detective Kelly will probably want to catch you at the hospital, if that's alright. She doesn't like to hold off on this type of investigation."

"That's fine. I'm sure that I will be pacing around somewhere until I hear news on Rita's condition."

"OK, I'll let her know. Thank you Ms. Barnes, and I am sorry for what happened here tonight. It's not the first time unfortunately."

"I know, you just never think it's gonna happen to you or someone you know."

"That's the sad truth. I am gonna poke around here for awhile and see if anyone else may have seen anything."

"Thank you Officer........." looking at his badge, "Reilly."

"You're welcome Ms. Barnes."

"Gina, please."

They nodded and smiled at each other. Gina got out of the police car and ran to Rita's. She fumbled through the mounds of crap in Rita's purse and came up with the keys to the red Mustang. She followed the ambulance lights down the street until she was in familiar territory. She drove quickly to try and catch up to the speeding vehicle. Her mind was racing as well as the car she was driving.

"Please God, if you can hear me, please let her be alright. She is the best friend I have ever had. Don't let her leave me." She started to cry again. She wiped her eyes so she could try and focus on the road ahead of her.


The trip seemed endless, but she finally arrived at the hospital. She parked across the street in the visitors parking, and ran to the front doors of the Emergency Room.

"Where have they taken Rita Kramer? The girl that was just brought in? She had a gunshot wound to her head?" She pleaded with the nurse at the main desk.

"They have taken her into an operating room. It may be awhile. There are some chairs in the next room. You'll find a vending machine with coffee and soda in there as well."

"It's gonna be a long while, I guess then?"

"I can only presume. I can have a doctor come out as soon as they know anything."

"Thank you." She smiled and headed towards the waiting room.


Gina found a chair and slumped into it. She put her head in her hands and began to cry. She sat that way for a long time, until she felt a hand on hers.

"Miss Barnes? Gina Barnes?" The deep whispering voice questioned.

"Yes?" Gina looked up into the bluest eyes she had ever seen.....It was her!! It was her warrior!! She gasped slightly and immediately wiped her face. The woman above her looked quizzically at her for a moment. "It's you." She whispered unknowingly out loud.

"Excuse me?" She raised her left eyebrow at the smaller woman.

"Uhhh, I mean, you must be the detective that wanted to see me."

"Yes, my name is Detective Kelly, Sara Kelly." She outstretched her hand and Gina nervously shook the very soft, but firm grip extended to her.

"I am Gina, Gina Barnes." Looking at the very tall figure, it registered that she had already made her acquaintance. "Sorry, I guess you already knew that."

"Yes, may I?" Gesturing to the seat next to Gina's.

"Oh, by all means." Her throat clamped up and she thought that she was going to pass out from sheer excitement.

She watched the woman sit her large frame next to her. Her mind was unable to think of anything other than 'I must be dreaming.'

Detective Kelly stood nearly six feet tall and had long, jet black hair. Her body was well muscled and defined from martial arts. Her eyes slowly moved over the woman seated next to her. The smaller woman was about six inches shorter than her, but athletic was the word that came to Sara when trying to describe it in her own mind. A strange familiarity came over her as she watched Gina trying to collect herself. She stared at the hand that shook hers and wondered where she had felt it before. Her mind raced with questions that she just didn't know how to answer. She forced those questions aside to concentrate on the crime that had happened earlier this evening.

"So Miss Barnes..."

"Gina, please. Call me Gina." She interrupted and stared into the most caring eyes she had ever seen. She felt the temperature of her body rise instantly as their eyes made contact. She had to look away before the tension in her body drove her crazy.

"OK, then Gina. What can you tell me about tonight? Do you remember anything since you spoke with other officer earlier?"

"I did forget something until just now. I noticed a man staring at Rita, my friend, and myself at the bar."

"When did you first notice him watching you two?" She asked as she absently watched the red head fidget with her hands. "Are you okay?"

"Um, yes, its just that so much happened so fast, you know? I guess I am just letting in all sink in at once. Forgive me if I am a little shook up and jumpy tonight." She said trying to make excuses for her actions.

"It's okay, just take your time." She reached over and touched the young woman's hand. She felt the woman lightly squeeze her hand in return. 'What am I doing?' Her mind raced. 'I am supposed to be conducting an investigation right now and all I can think about is taking this woman out to get to know her better.'

Gina took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on the task at hand, finding Rita's mystery gunman.

"OK, the first time I felt eyes on us was when we were dancing on the dance floor. The second time I noticed him was after we had had a shot at the bar. I was putting back the shot glasses on the bar when I noticed that he was staring at me." Her mind raced back in time to the bar and she shook at the memory of the man's face. The detective sat closer to Gina to offer some sort of sympathy for what she had experienced tonight.

"The last time I saw him was when Rita had moved across the bar to get a phone number from one of the women sitting on the other side. He just sat there and watched her for the longest time."

"If you saw his picture, would you recognize him again?"

"I don't think that I will ever forget the way he looked. I'm sure he will haunt my dreams for a very long time." She cringed at the thought of this man interrupting her most favorite and intimate dreams. The dreams of the woman in front of her now.

"Do you want to take a ride with me to the station and look at some pictures?"

"You mean tonight? I really want to hang out here until I know that Rita is okay."

"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking at all. Of course it can wait until tomorrow."

"It's alright, don't worry about it. I will come as soon as Rita is out of danger. Is that a deal?" Her face smiled softly at the fantasy woman sitting next to her.

"Sure, I will wait for you at the station." She said as she stood to leave.

"Oh wait, are you leaving now?" She took a hold of the woman's arm in question.

"Yes, I was planning on it. Are you alright?"

"I..I just don't feel like being alone right now. I am the only family that Rita has and I don't really have any other friends that I can have come down here. Would you mind staying with me for a little while? I mean, if you have nothing better to do, that is."

The taller woman returned to her seat and assured Gina that she would stay as long as she needed her to. The two walked down the hospital halls, sipping coffee, and enjoyed the new turn of events that had arrived in both of their lives.


Sara Kelly has been a private detective for the Franklin Park Police Department for the last four years. She was in the military for three years following the death of her younger brother. He was shot in a gang fight when they were just kids. It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sara knew the gang leader that took her brother from her and decided to make her life's quest one of retribution. Sara's life was filled with much anger and she found herself getting into a lot of trouble by the age of 20. Though it was never proven, she was accused of killing the gang's leader with the butt of a gun. She was acquitted after a long and drawn out trial. She felt that the only way she could reclaim her life, was to put it into the hands of someone else. Why not Uncle Sam she thought. Her mother was ready to forget about her when she received a telegram from her daughter stating that she had graduated from basic training. She excelled in martial arts training and worked her way to black belt in Karate. She was considered very dangerous by her peers, but was very respected by all that knew of her. She learned to control the anger that had plagued her, whether it was in real life or in her nightmares. She was able to channel it now and decided to put a stop to the hatred that brought her here in the first place. The most difficult of her journeys was saying good-bye to her brother. Once she had finally coped with his death, she was able to sleep a little easier at night.

After she was discharged from the army, she continued her quest for peace. She studied the law and became a detective. She found her niche with investigations of street crimes. She had a very inquisitive mind and left no stone unturned in any investigation that came her way. She worked in the department when there was a case that they couldn't solve themselves. She had a unique way of solving street and hate crimes. She was good at her trade and they took full advantage of that. She didn't work with a partner, she liked doing things her way. Sometimes that wasn't the safest, but it was the best way that she knew. Sara was very respected in the department. She was one of few, on the force, that was completely honest and never took any kind of bribe. If she arrested anyone, they knew they were in for a long stay, unless she killed them first. Some of them had wished that she had.


The two women had found their way back to the waiting room and awaited any kind of word from Rita's surgeon. Sara was transfixed by Gina. They had spent a good hour just making small talk. They found it very soothing just being around each other. Gina began revealing small accounts of her and Rita's life together. Sara was completely enamored with this woman. She felt a strange connection to her, especially when she spoke. Her voice was intoxicating her with every new story that escaped her lips.

"So you and Rita decided that you weren't compatible as lovers?"

"No, we just decided that we were much better friends. I mean the sex was fine and all, but it was just sex. We cared for each other and still do, and maybe because we slept together we do share a special closeness. Oh I can't believe you have let me rattle on about this." She shook her head and slightly blushed at the taller woman.

"Hey, don't worry. I have really enjoyed your stories. Rita is very lucky to have you in her life. It's rare when you can find people that genuinely care about each other. I know that I haven't found anyone........." She stopped herself before revealing her loneliness to her new acquaintance. She felt a small hand wrap around her arm.

"Hey, you know, I truly believe that we all have someone out there that is the other half of our soul. Sometimes it seems that we will spend our whole lives searching for that person. I just figure that if I was meant to find my other half, than I will. Maybe they will find me first, I just know that they are out there somewhere, and that is good enough for me." Gina smiled and looked up into sky-blue.

Sara looked into the eyes of an amazing woman. Gina was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Sara's knees actually felt weak after looking into her deep emerald eyes. She had to resist reaching out to brush a stray hair from Gina's face. It was taking all of her energy not to sweep this woman up and kiss her right there in the hospital. She knew that this just wasn't the time or the place. If she was going to be of any help to her, she needed to stay focused on the crime, and the man who committed it. It just was going to be an uphill battle. No one saw his car, no one actually saw him shoot her, no one saw much of anything. This was definitely gonna be a tough case to crack. Just as her mind settled, she saw a doctor coming towards them still in his operating greens. Gina sprung out of her seat to greet him.

"Doctor! How is she? Were you able to retrieve the bullet? Is she gonna make it?"

"Miss, calm down. The surgery went well. The bullet grazed her head so it exited her as soon as it entered." Sara mentally noted to return to the bar to check the parking lot for the slug that escaped.

"Can I see her?" Gina interjected excitedly.

"There is more. The bullet exited her head towards the back of her neck. It severed some nerves that has left your friend in a coma. We did everything that we could for her. The rest is up to her. I'm sorry that I can't elaborate any further. Time will be the main factor here. The longer she is under, the worse her chances are for a full recovery."

Shock invaded Gina's body and she began to shake.

"OK, so what are her chances that she will come out of this alright?" She fought to keep an evenness in her voice.

"I have very strong hopes for her. I just can't promise anything, other than I will personally make sure that she gets the best possible care. She is in ICU right now. If you would like to see her you may. I am sorry." He rested his hand on her shoulder and turned to walk away.

"Thank you doctor. Thank you for saving her life." Gina managed through her newly shed tears.

The doctor nodded and walked back down the hall.

Gina broke down into the arms of her warrior. Her body shook from the news that she was trying to absorb. Sara surprised herself as she comforted her new young friend. She stroked her hair and rubbed her back until she felt the waves cease. The smell of the author's skin and hair was causing her to become very aroused. She cursed her body for reacting this way. Here she was supposed to be comforting this woman, and she couldn't get the carnal thoughts from her head.

'Who was Gina Barnes anyway? And why does she make my heart melt?' Sara fought with her inner demons and could feel Gina's body stiffen and move away from her.

"I'm sorry Sara. I guess I just expected the surgery to be the last of it. God! Who is that bastard that did this to her? Who would want to harm someone like that?"

"Unfortunately Gina, this isn't the first time that someone has been shot at that bar. We almost closed Rena's because of the other shootings."

"Other shootings? How many have there been?" Gina's eyes widened with disgust.

"Rita makes the fourth one in about a year. We think that it's the same guy. I think that it has something to do with the fact that it is a gay establishment."

"Someone would kill another person coming out of a bar, because it was a GAY BAR??"

"You've heard the term "hate crime" I assume?" Gina nodded. "Well this is the definition of just that. People don't care about others when they do things like this. It's just another way that they express their ignorance. So many people just can't handle change or differences in others. I guess in their minds it gives them the right to change those that they oppose, or just put an end to them all together."

"By God, if she dies, I will not rest until he is found." Gina's eyes went cold and it scared Sara briefly. She found herself staring into her own eyes right after the death of her brother.

"Now wait a minute. This is where I come in. I don't want you to do anything that you may regret later. I will find the guy that did this to your friend, I promise you. Just let me take care of him. If you want this guy to get what's coming to him, you'll do this my way." Sara said very matter of factly.

"Fine, I will let you handle him. For right now, I am going to see Rita. Thank you for staying with me. I think that I will be okay. I am sure that you have things to do, so you can leave if you'd like." Gina politely said hoping that this woman would stay with her.

"Well if you are sure that you will be fine, then I will let you visit with your friend. I hope that she awakens soon. I am sorry for what has happened to her. Will you be by to look at pictures in the morning?" Sara asked hoping that she would see this woman again very soon.

"Yes, I will be there. I am going to nail this bastard. Thank you Sara, again, for everything. I did have a nice time talking with you considering the circumstances."

"I did as well. I am glad that I could help. Take care and try to get some sleep. You won't do either of you any good if you aren't well rested and can't identify him."

"Understood and I will leave after I see Rita. Bye now." She said as she smiled at this incredible woman.

"Bye." Their eyes locked and a bond was made.

Sara turned and walked down the hall towards the exit. Gina walked down the hallway on her way to the ICU. Both turning at the same time to see if the other was watching, their eyes locked once again. They smiled in tandem and continued on their way.


Sara made her way out of the building and walked towards their cars. She had followed Gina earlier into the parking lot and stayed nearby just in case. As she walked closer to her car she noticed Rita's red Mustang. Her heart stopped in her throat and she looked frantically around the area to see if their was anyone near her. The car had been vandalized to the fullest degree. The windows were shattered and the word "Dyke" was written on the hood and trunk of the vehicle. Across the passenger side of the car a message was sent to Gina from her friend's attacker:


And on the driver's side:


Sara broke into a run towards the hospital. She wanted to make sure that Gina was safe and this psycho was no where near her. If she had to stay with her until this guy was found, then that's the way it was going to be.


Gina walked through the doors into the ICU. The nurse at the desk was expecting her. The doctor had informed her that a young woman would be visiting Rita. She showed Gina which room she was in and informed her not to expect very much.

"Thank you. I won't be long. I just want her to know that I am here."

"It's okay. Take as much time as you need. She isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I'll be right outside this door if you need anything."

"Thank you nurse.......?"


"I'm Gina. Again, thank you."

The nurse nodded and slowly left the two friends alone.

"Rita? Rita honey it's me, Gina."

Gina looked at her unconscious friend. Lying there with monitors, and all kinds of tubing sticking out of her made her heart ache. She hadn't been in a situation like this in her life. No one in her family had been hospitalized for any reason. This new concept was very scary indeed. She held back the tears that were threatening once again and quietly talked to her friend.

"Oh Rita, I am so sorry this happened to you. I would switch places with you in a second if I could. I promise you, I will find this guy. He will not escape paying for what he has done to you. I promise Rita, on our friendship, that I will make sure that he is found and brought to justice."

Gina held Rita's hand as she spoke, then the tears won the battle and she began to cry. She rubbed Rita's hand for several moments until she heard voices in the hallway. They were escalating in volume so she poked her head out to see what was going on.

"Miss, you can't go in there!! You must wait until she has come out. I assure you she was alone when she arrived."

The nurse was trying to keep Sara from knocking Rita's door down.

"I have to see her, you don't understand. I am a detective with the FPPD. Gina knows me, she will see me."

Gina stepped into the hallway and walked towards the arguing women.

"Sara? What's going on here? Is everything alright?"

"Gina! Are you alright?" Sara took each of Gina's arms and outstretched them looking for any kind of wound.

"Sara you are scaring me. What is going on?"

"Have you seen anyone suspicious tonight?"

"Since you left? No, why? Should I have?"

"Let's just say I have a bad feeling about the guy that shot your friend. I am going to take you home."

Gina looked at her questioningly. "Sara, I don't think that's necessary. I drove here, I can drive myself, but thank you anyway."

"No, um, your car, well, let's just say, you won't be able to drive it anytime soon."

"Oh my God, what happened?"

"Let me take you home and we will talk about it."

"Fine. Rita is stable for now." Turning to the nurse. "If I give you my cellular number, will you call me if she wakes up before I return?"

"Of course we will." She took the outstretched paper with Gina's number on it. "I'll call if her condition changes any."

"Thanks. I really appreciate it."

Sara tugged on Gina's arm and they left the ICU. They walked down to the doors of the exit. Sara told Gina to wait for her to bring the car around. She didn't think that Gina needed to see her friend's car anytime soon. Tonight was very upsetting enough, as it was. Gina agreed to wait and Sara jogged to her car.


Gina didn't know was that she was being watched. Her friend's attacker had been watching her for the last two hours. He hid in every available doorway or corridor so he could keep his eye on her. He slowly approached her when he saw the detective leave. He could almost smell the fragrance of her shampoo when he heard the horn of the car signaling for her to join the detective in her car. He jumped off to the side and watched them leave the hospital. From the window of the exit doors he spoke words as a mantra in her wake.

"I will get you. I will get you. I will get you.................."


The car ride had been a silent one. Gina found herself nodding off into sleep. Detective Kelly remained quiet as she tried to figure out who this killer was. It was obvious that he had objections to the gay population. Was it strictly a gay thing, or had he found flaws in others that he didn't like as well. 'I hate this kind of case. No one can tell me anything about the shooter, no one has seen anything. Did he actually leave the scene or was it made out to look that way? I have got to get back to that parking lot and check for more clues in the morning.' Her thoughts were stilled as she heard the slight snoring from the woman next to her. A smile inched its way onto the detective's mouth. Her heart swelled and she sighed, unknowing, in utter content.

The detective lived in the northwest suburb of Rolling Hills. It was a small little town, but was a safe distance away from her work. She never did like uninvited guests arriving at her house. With all of the people that she has come across in her line of work, she liked to keep a few miles between them. This form of reasoning came in handy tonight.

After 20 minutes or so, they finally arrived at Sara's house. Her house was well hidden on a block of land that was pushed back from the road. Privacy was something that Sara didn't like to take lightly. The long driveway wound around the house like a moat. She turned off the security alarm with the touch of a button, and slowly entered her black BMW into the garage. Sara turned off the car and waited for her new friend to awaken. When she realized that she wasn't going to wake of her own accord, she decided to nudge her lightly.

"Gina?" She paused. "Gina? It's time to wake up. We're home." She thought about what she had just said and it brought a smile to her face. A home with someone to share it with was something that she never thought possible for her.

Gina slowly came out of her slumber and looked into the most incredible eyes she had ever seen. The dreams that she'd had, did not do them justice at all. 'This is definitely going to make a wonderful story.' She mused to herself.

"Where are we? This isn't my house."

"No it's mine. I don't think that you will be safe at your home."

"Why do you say that? It's not me that was shot at."

"Well, I was going to tell you all of this in the car, but you fell asleep. I just didn't have the heart to wake you. You looked so peaceful, and you had quite a night. It didn't seem right." She softly replied to the sleepy-eyed woman in her car.

"What did you not tell me." Gina inquired.

"Let's go inside and I will tell you all about it." Sara winked at Gina and got out of her side of the car. She walked around to the other side and opened the door for Gina.

"Wow, chivalry isn't dead after all." She giggled to her new friend.

"Nah, it just stays dormant until it's needed." Sara quipped back at the young woman.

Sara led Gina through the garage to the door that led into the house. With a turn of the key she allowed another being into her private domicile. Something that she had never done in her entire life. She had never shared her heart with anyone. She didn't think that she deserved to be happy like that. She'd had many lovers, but never did she have a love.

The two women walked through the door and through the dimly lit hallway Gina spotted two green eyes glowing at her. She gasped and jumped backwards just a bit. Sara giggled and walked over to her cat and picked it up to meet their guest.

"Gina this is Argo. Argo this is Gina. She is the only pet I have ever had. I love her to death. I was tired of coming home to a quiet house, so I got her when I moved in here about two years ago. She and I are the best of buds, aren't we girl?" She pet the cat until it began to purr rather loudly.

"Nice to meet you Argo. She is very cute Sara. I wouldn't peg you as a cat person. I would have thought....."

"Dobermans?" She raised an eyebrow towards Gina's stare.

"No, not exactly that breed, but definitely dogs."

"I thought about it, but cats are so much easier to take care of. I don't need a dog for protection. I haven't met anyone yet that could break into my house. I have a pretty decent security system here as you can see."

"Gina turned around and saw the largest display of security monitors in the room right off of the hallway."

"What do you need all of this for?" She said in awe.

"You can never have too much security. Besides, lets just say that I do alot of "side jobs" for people. With some of the scum that I have met, I can't be too careful. The department gives me crimes to solve that they know they can't handle on their own. I could never afford all of this on the salary they give me at the cop shop. I like my toys so I keep busy. The guys at the station and I get along really well. I help when I can, and they do the same for me."

"What do you do for people?" She innocently asked not really sure if she wanted the answer.

"Whatever the law can't I guess would be the best way of describing it."

"I don't think that I want to know anymore than that."

"Good enough. How about coming into the family room. I will make you some tea if you would like some. Then I can tell you about our mystery man. Then my dear, it's late and you should be getting off to sleep."

"Your lead. I sure as hell won't be able to find anything in this place." She smiled as the detective moved in front with Argo in her arms. They walked down a long hallway and with a flick of a switch, Gina's mouth dropped open with the sight before her.

"My God! This is absolutely fabulous!"

The walls were covered in old weaponry. A collection of old swords and daggers were displayed throughout the large family room. There wasn't a wall that didn't have some replica from Ancient Greece on it.

"This is absolutely amazing Sara. My stories have so many things from this room in them. I don't even know if I told you that I am a writer. I write tales of Ancient Greece. They are mainly about two women that go around fighting for the greater good of mankind. I have only had a few things published so I doubt that you have read anything I have written."

"I'm sorry I have not. I will make sure that I catch up on my reading though."

"Thanks. So you were saying something about tea?" She smiled at her hostess.

"Yes I did. If you want to make yourself comfortable, I will be back in a few minutes. Feel free to look around."

"Thanks Sara. I really appreciate this."

"No problem. I'll be back."

Gina was agape at what she had seen in this room alone. 'My God, it is like she is living my dreams in the now. This is too weird. I just have to calm down. I know that I am sounding like a total idiot when I talk to her. It's those damn eyes. Everytime she looks at me I feel like I can't breathe. I have found my warrior woman, finally. All my life I have dreamt of her, and now I am sitting in her living room. My God I must be asleep. I better not get woken up dammit.' Gina's thoughts continued to race through her mind. She sat down on the couch that was a large pitgroup. She sank into it's softness, which felt like nothing she had known before.


Gina's mind whirled as Sara made tea in her kitchen. The kitchen was also large in size. Some would call it a chef's kitchen. The refrigerator alone could store enough food for an entire army. Sara waited for the kettle to boil so that she could finish her explanation to her young friend. She found herself lost in thought, thinking about Gina and what she may feel like when she was kissed. Would she let herself be kissed? Would she allow Sara to kiss her? That is the question that would stay with Sara all night long. She had to stay focused. This was indeed, going to be a long night.

The kettle began to boil over knocking Sara back into reality. She pulled two mugs from the cabinet and some tea bags. She needed to tell Gina the seriousness of this man that was capable of very ugly things. She walked from the kitchen and back towards the family room. She heard Gina talking quietly to herself. Just the sound of her voice soothed her all over.

Looking through the archway she saw Gina on the couch stroking Argo and quietly talking to her. With a smile she entered the room with the two steaming hot mugs of tea.

"Well, I was wondering what happened to her. I see she took my place as the host while I was away."

"She did. She is very cute." Sara handed Gina one of the mugs of tea. "Thanks, it smells wonderful."

"OK, where would you like me to begin?" Gina sipped her tea and replied, "How about telling me why I am here and not at my house."

"Alright. When I left the hospital initially, I walked over to my car. I had parked close to you when you first arrived just to make sure that there was no trouble. Well, when I came out, I stopped and looked at your car. Believe me it was a sight."

"What did you see?"

"It had graffiti all over it from the man of the evening."

"What did he write?" Sara looked at her as if to brace her of her next words.

"He wrote dyke on the hood and the trunk of the vehicle."

"So he is not fond of lesbians."

"That's not all Gina. It also said things on the side of the car. On the driver side it said I know where you live bitch. On the passenger side it said next time I won't miss." Gina almost dropped her mug.

"Wha.....what? How does he know that? How does he know me? Oh my God! What do I do now?"

"Nothing. You will stay in my house until he is found. I won't let anything happen to you, I promise." Sara said as she held Gina's hand unconsciously.

The two women sat in silence for what seemed an eternity. Gina got up and started to pace and talked to herself in a nervous rant. Sara got up and took Gina's arms in her hands.

"Gina, I will get him. Try to relax."

"Relax?!? My best friend is dying in intensive care right now. Some asshole I don't even know wants my head as a hood ornament and you want me to relax? I'm sorry Sara, but that's just not possible!!!" She shook herself free of the detective's light grip. She through herself onto the couch and broke down into tears. She had her head in her hands as Sara sat down next to her and started to lightly rub her back. Gina raised her body slightly and leaned into the woman next to her. Her sobs were quieted by tender caresses from her new companion. Sara massaged Gina's hair and rubbed her neck with gentle strokes. Gina couldn't help but welcome the touch of this woman she had dreamt about for many years. A small sigh escaped her lips and it was not missed by Sara.

Her mind reeled trying to regain control over her emotions, but the smell of the author was completely intoxicating. She took a deep breath and moved Gina over so she could stand up. Gina couldn't hold back her disappointed expression.

"I'm sorry Gina. I just don't think that this is appropriate. I got carried away and I am sorry. I can't explain to you what I am feeling. It's just too bizarre. Nothing like this has happened to me before. I just met you about 5 hours ago and I feel like I have known you forever. All I have been thinking about is how it would feel to kiss you. I can't get these images of you out of my head. Maybe I am not the right person to be trying to protect you right now. I broke my own rule by getting personally involved with you. That is a major no no. I could get you killed. You could end up like your friend, in the hospital, hanging on to your life by a thread." Sara vented all of her fears into the face of a very surprised young woman.

"Personally involved? I don't remember that part. You have taken me into your house, is that construed as being personally involved? I didn't ask to be taken here. That was your own doing." Gina argued back.

"Exactly. I am doing things that I shouldn't be doing. That is what could get you harmed or even killed. I have to stay alert and aware of everything that is going on around me, and right now all I can think of is you." Sara turned around and began to leave the room.

"Sara, please don't leave. Look, I understand what you are saying. It is also very obvious that there is no one else that I would want protecting me right now. You are the best at what you do, you practically said it yourself. The fact that others come to you when they have nowhere else to turn, tells me precisely who I want at my back. You." Gina paused to rise from the couch to try and coerce Sara to come back. She lightly grasped Sara's hand with hers and she felt the other woman squeeze back. "I know that we have a strange connection. I felt it the very second you looked into my eyes with those beautiful blues of yours. Sara, I can't explain it either, but quite honestly I don't care where it is coming from. I have been dreaming of you since I was a very young girl. You are the woman in my stories. Finding you was a dream of mine that I thought would never become a reality, so I wrote about you." Gina turned away from the woman not knowing how she would respond to her confession.

"You...you have been dreaming of a woman like me?" She asked trying to understand what she had just heard.

"No Sara, I have dreamt about you." Sara looked into Gina's saddened green eyes. Gina suddenly felt vulnerable and wanted to run. "M..maybe I should go. You probably think that I am some psycho now. So if you show me the way to a phone, I will call a cab to take me home."

Sara reached around and held Gina in a tight embrace. Gina returned the display of affection and reveled in the feel of Sara's arms around her. The embrace lasted many minutes and neither woman wanted the be the one to pull away first. Sara was the first to break the silence.

"Please don't leave. I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you. I will continue with the case, and I will find whoever is responsible for all of this. You just have to promise me that you will stay here with me until this is all over. I don't want him to have any opportunity to bring harm to you in any way."

"Gee, I don't know if I can handle that. Stay here with you? I don't know if I can do that." She sarcastically said to her friend.

"OK smart ass, that's enough of that. It's time for you to get some sleep. I have some work to do before I retire. I will show you your room for the night."

"I get a whole room? You are too kind. Do you think that I could possibly use your bathroom too? Or I could use Argo's litter box if you prefer." Gina squeaked in laughter.

"You are gonna get it I swear! Come here!" Gina ran from Sara in a playful run. Not knowing where she was going, she tripped over a table in the next room. She fell to the ground laughing hard. Sara looked down at the hysterical figure below her and offered her a hand up. Gina raised an arm to her and once their hands clasped together, she pulled down causing Sara to fall down almost on top of her. Sara's face was inches from Gina's. She could almost feel her breath on her lips. She looked deeply into Gina's eyes and a smirk formed on her face.

"You aren't making this any easier, you know that right?"

"Making what easier?" She could almost feel the burning stare of Sara's eyes.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Sara said as she bent down to feel finally what the young woman's lips felt like on her own.

Sara's kiss was hard and desirous. Gina's lips were like velvet to Sara. The softness of them was sending surges of arousal throughout Sara's body. Gina's tongue begged for entry into Sara's mouth. Sara welcomed the feeling instantly. Both women began to breathe harder and their tongues demanded full reign inside each other's mouths. Gina broke away and just stared into the eyes of this magical woman.

"What's wrong? Was it too much?" Sara tenderly asked.

"No, I just needed to catch my breath. That was the most incredible kiss I have ever shared with anyone. I could feel it with every ounce of my being."

"Good, I felt that too. It was pretty intense." Sara continued to caress the beautiful face of her partner. "You are so beautiful, I can't believe that you are in my arms right now."

"Well, technically you are in my arms. I am laying underneath you."

"You really do talk alot. Has anyone ever told you that?"

Before she could respond, Sara placed her mouth on Gina's once again. They felt the connection again and both let out small moans at the contact of their tongues. Their embrace grew stronger and the women almost took each other's breath away with the power of their hug. Neither of them wanted to let go, not willing to sacrifice the softness of each other's skin, but the inevitable situation clouded over both of them. Sara pulled gently away from her soon to be lover.

"Gina as much as I want this..."

"Mmmm, so do I." Gina interrupted as she nibbled on Sara's neck.

"No, honey, really, this is important." Gina stopped her assault and stared into Sara's gorgeous eyes. "As much as I want this, it is going to have to wait until this is over. I just have to stay as focused as I can to solve this. I promise you.." Sara placed her fingers under Gina's chin to get her full attention. "This will happen. There is nothing that I want more. My heart has never felt fuller in my life. I think that when this is over, you are going to make it impossible for me not to fall in love with you. I feel an incredible connection with you, and it's something that I have never felt so strongly in all of my years. I just need time to figure this guy out and bring him to justice. Do you think that you can wait that long?"

"I have waited my whole life for you Sara. I would wait another lifetime if it meant that you and I would be together. If this is what will help you get Rita's shooter, than I am all for it." She smiled at Sara with a genuine look of hope.

"Thank you. I promise, I will make your dreams come true."

"You already have." The two smiled at each other and lightly kissed each other's lips.

"Alright you, it's time for sleep, and I mean sleep." Sara winked and pulled her body off of a very aroused young woman. She leaned down and offered a hand to her new friend.

"No tricks now." She winked at Gina and lifted her to her feet.

Sara led her house guest upstairs into her bedroom. The room was immaculate. Everything was in its place and the decor was beautiful. Dark shades of blues and purples covered the walls and the windows. The bed was a king sized masterpiece. Gina could see herself being taken by her warrior woman and it made her face flush in arousal. Sara saw her features change and it brought a smile to her face.

"Like I said, its time for sleep. The bathroom is over there if you want to freshen up. There is an extra toothbrush in the medicine cabinet. I have some shirts that would fit nicely over your.......on you. They will be a bit big for you, but they should make a good sleeping shirt."

"Thanks Sara. I really do appreciate this." Looking back to the bed, "Will you be sleeping in here with me?"

"No, I have some work I need to attend to before the sun comes up." Checking her watch, "Which looks like will be in a couple hours. I'll catch a few winks on the couch downstairs. Now, come on, get ready like a good girl, and maybe I will tuck you in."

"Oooh, I'll be back in a jiffy." She smiled a teethy grin and dashed off into the bathroom.

Sara grinned and rolled the sheets down on the bed making her friend feel as comfortable as she could. The door to the bathroom opened and Sara's mouth dropped to the ground. She never saw her shirt look better. Her guest's lithe body filled her shirt wonderfully. Her reddish blonde hair cascaded down the front of the open buttoned front of the shirt. Sara blocked away the nasty thoughts that were parading through her mind. Gina innocently smiled and jumped into the inviting place of slumber. Her body was more tired than she had thought. Her body tingled at the feeling of the soft bed and warm blankets around her. She sighed and looked over to Sara, who was admiring the sight in front of her.

Sara sat down next to the woman in her bed, and then lay down next to her. She pulled Gina into her body. Gina let out a sigh of contentment and felt herself falling into oblivion. Sara felt the young body next to her give up her struggle against the sleep she so needed. She leaned in close to Gina's ear and whispered quiet words of endearment. She began to rub Gina's head and slowly rocked her into a deeper sleep.

"That's right. Let yourself go. You'll feel better in the morning. I swear to you, I will figure all of this out. Just sleep now. Sleep."

Sara kissed her lightly on the forehead and got off the bed to finish her work for the evening.


"I will find you. I will find you." Aaron Stutz said as he traced the lines of Gina's picture with his finger. "I will make you all pay for what you have done to her." He cried as he looked over the walls which were papered with the faces of many women. His room was dimly lit with candles and was lacking in color and any sign of life. The window shades were tattered and drawn so no light came in from outside. A picture of a young woman was on display with candles all around it. It sat on the only piece of furniture in the room. He slowly turned to pick up the picture from the desk and held it to him.

"Very soon now this nightmare will come to an end. I will make it all better, sweetheart, I promise. I will make them all pay for what they did to you. Every last one of them. My work is almost done. There are only two left, and I will take care of them sis, I swear. I am doing this all for you, it is my duty, and I will not fail."


Sara walked downstairs and went inside her study. Her laptop was set up on her desk of deep mahogany. She sat down with the remainder of her tea and started to punch different names and bios of unsolved crimes. She was trying to find out who this man was that was shooting at innocent woman that had left the club. Nearly 8 women were shot and killed leaving Rena's over the last two years. Four just within the last year. No leads, no clues, no nothing. 'He is bound to screw up eventually. He is going to get sloppy one of these days, and when it happens, I will be there, waiting. Oh yes, I will be there.' She thought to herself.

She sifted through some names and decided to get some sleep before the sun came up. She wanted to go by the bar the next morning and look for the bullet or at least a shell from it. There was no bullet found in Rita, so it had to be somewhere. She was going to be the one that found it. The sooner this was all finished, the sooner she and Gina could start their own adventures together.


Sunlight disturbed the sleeping woman on the couch of her study. Sara rubbed her eyes gently and laid there with her thoughts for awhile. She got up and walked upstairs. She quietly opened her bedroom door to find her guest still snoring peacefully in her bed. She went to the bathroom and started a shower for herself. She got herself cleaned up and started her day. She dried her hair, brushed her teeth, and came out to get dressed. Gina was still asleep as Sara got her clothes on, so she decided that she would go to the bar before she woke.

She left a note on Gina's pillow letting her know where she had gone. She pulled out of her garage and headed towards the bar. Her mind was reeling with the preconceived notions that she had of the man she was looking for. He was probably someone who wanted to change the world, his way. He was someone that just couldn't accept change in life so he would control as much of it as he could. These were the people that scared her the most. They were the most unpredictable, and she really had to be on her game to win this one.

The bar appeared on her left as she turned the corner of the street. She pulled in slowly and found the owner of the bar in the parking lot.

"Good morning Rena." Sara said to her.

"Good morning to you."

"My name is Detective Kelly."

"I know who you are." She interrupted. "You frequent my club, I have seen you in here a few times.

"Yes, and I was here last night and I was just wanting to take a look around here. Is that alright?"

"Absolutely, I just want all of these shootings to stop. I just don't understand why it happens, you know?"

"I'm not sure either and I'm here to try and find something that will help with the investigation. Do you mind if I take a look around?"

"No, feel free. I will offer as much assistance as I can. You can look inside as well if you need to. I haven't left since it happened. I have been sitting inside just thinking about the shooting over and over. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea putting the bar here. The people of this city didn't want me here, and we just opened our doors anyway, not thinking of the consequences. Eight women are dead now, because of my club, I think I should just close it down."

"No Rena, that won't solve anything, we will find the guy that is responsible for the deaths of these women." She slowly digested what Rena said to her and turned around to face her. "Did you say eight?"

"Yes, the woman that was shot last night didn't make it. She died early this morning. I heard it on the news just a little while ago."

'Gina!! She wasn't told by the hospital. I have to tell her.' Her mind raced with sorrow for her new friend. As soon as she was done here, she would go home and break the bad news to her friend.

"Well thank you for your cooperation, I'll only be a few minutes."

"Take as much time as you need."

"Thanks." Sara waved and continued her investigation.

Sara began her quest for whatever she could find. She was looking for something that would possibly help her solve this case that had just become very personal.


Gina's eyes were forced awake by the sound of her cell phone ringing. She jumped out of bed and tried to remember where she had thrown her bag. She found it stuffed in the chair with her clothes from the previous day. She quickly dug her phone out of the bag and answered it.


"Miss Barnes?"

"Yes, this is."

"This is MaryAnn from the hospital. Do you remember me from last night?"

"Yes, MaryAnn, how is Rita? Has she woken up yet?"

"I'm sorry Gina, there has been an extreme change in her condition. You may want to come down to the hospital."

"What happened to her? How extreme?"

"I really think that you would be better informed if you came here immediately and spoke with her doctor."

"Should I ask for a doctor or should I just come to see you?"

"I'll let her doctor know that you will be coming. Her doctor is Mark Rosenthal. He will be in the ER for awhile, but I will inform him of your arrival. He would like to speak with you about Miss Kramer."

"Thank you MaryAnn, I will be there as soon as possible."

"Very well then, I will see you shortly."

"Ok, good-bye."

"Bye now."

Gina whirled around expecting Sara to come in any minute. When she didn't arrive, she noticed a note on the bed.




"Shit, I hope I can get a cab to the hospital. God I gotta get outta here. I should leave her a note and let her know where I went. That's all she needs is to come home and find me gone. Now I gotta find a pen and paper. Shit!"

She struggled with her clothing and got herself looking presentable. She ran downstairs and found the study. She found some paper and a pen and scribbled a note to Sara. She called the cab company and they would be arriving any moment. She heard a horn outside and taped the note on the door leading to the house from the garage.

"There, she should see this when she gets home. Hang on Rita, I'm coming!"

The cab picked Gina up and took her to Lutheran General.


Sara looked around the parking lot until she found a single shell casing on the ground next to a street light. She picked it up and noticed it was a shell from a 9mm automatic. She put the casing in her pocket and continued to look around.

"There it is!" She exclaimed.

She picked up the bullet and placed it in her jacket pocket. She jumped into her BMW and fled back home to tell Gina the bad news of her friend. She rounded turns like her car was on a trail ride. She buried the speedometer to get home as fast as she could. She flew into the driveway and opened the garage door. She jumped out of the car and noticed the note on the door.




Sara flew back into the car and braced herself. Gina would be devastated from the news of the death of Rita. She floored the car to the hospital. She slammed the car to park when she reached the lot, and ran into the hospital. She took off down the hall towards the ICU. She came to the nurses station and asked about Rita Kramer. Sara inquired about Gina and asked if they knew where she was.

"Oh, she was here, but she left with a friend of hers."

"A friend? What friend? Did you get her name?"

"He didn't leave his name and I think that they were newly acquainted because she kept staring at him. Must be a new boyfriend or something. Oh but he left this note for you, he said you would know where to find them."

Sara took the note from the nurse and took a deep breath. She slowly opened up the sealed paper.


Sara cursed herself for leaving Gina alone this morning. She should have stayed with her or had Gina come with her to the crime scene. 'Fuck! He's got Gina! If he harms one hair on her head, I will kill that bastard.'

"What did the guy look like do you remember?" Sara desperately asked the nurse.

"He was about 5'9" balding, um, he was wearing an Army jacket and jeans. I think he was wearing old Army boots, but they were taped at the toes. Didn't look like the type of guy I would have pegged her to be attracted to. Hey, who knows these days right?"

"Yeah, right. How long were they here?"

"Only for a few minutes. The doctor gave her the bad news of her friend and she wanted to go to her room for a second. Next thing I knew she was walking with her friend."

"When did Miss Kramer die?"

"You know, she seemed to be improving, but she suffered an aneurysm in the middle of the night. The bullet caused excessive trauma to the brain. More than what the doctor had expected. I felt so bad for her friend. She was so upset. She kept blaming herself for not staying with her last night."

"An aneurysm? Wouldn't they have noticed that in the MRI's that they took earlier?"

"Apparently it wasn't found or they just didn't see it. Tell your friend again how sorry we are."

"I will."

Alarms were going off in Sara's head. There was no way that she died without the help of her gunman. She ran out of the hospital and to her car. She had to get to the lab to get the note checked for prints. 'I am sure that he had something to do with that. I gotta get this note checked out. Hopefully our mystery man left something on here that will lead me to his whereabouts. I gotta get to Gina before he kills her.' Her mind raced with horrid images of what could happen to the woman that reopened her heart.


"Where are we going?"

She felt a stinging slap to her face.

"You can talk when I ask a question, do you understand me bitch?" Gina didn't respond.

"I said, do you understand me, dyke?" He screamed in her face as he slapped her again.

Sobbing, "Yes, I understand."

"I can't wait to see your friend's face when she finds us. She'll find my prints, I left them for her to find. If she is as good as you seem to believe, then she will be a part of our little game soon." He paused and stroked her hair, "You want to see her again, don't you? You want to kiss her don't you? You want to feel her inside of you, don't you? You get off with girls don't you? What's the matter, didn't you have the right man in your life? Maybe I can make those dirty thoughts go away. I can cure you of your little sickness. I helped her, and I can help you."

"Who......who did you help?" She felt an elbow to her ribcage that stunted her breathing. Gina began to cough and wheeze and blood trickled from her mouth.

"I told you not to talk until I asked you a question! Doesn't your kind know how to listen? Stupid dyke. God I hate your kind! You are the most disgusting excuse for a human being. You corrupted her, all of you did. But I corrected her, and she knows now what she did was heinous and obscene. I showed her, and now she understands. I showed her........."

Gina shuddered at the sight of her captor. He was holding her tight in his grip. She almost vomited from the smell coming from his body. He smelled like he hadn't showered in over a week. The odor was burning her nasal passages. She had to breathe into her sleeve just for some clean air. He was mumbling to himself and Gina couldn't understand a word. Some of it was gibberish it seemed, but she wasn't going to ask him to repeat himself. Her mouth was already bleeding and she was having a hard time breathing. The physical abuse she was taking was enough to make her want to die. The only thoughts in her head were of Sara. Would she be able to figure out who this guy was and would she find her in time. 'Oh, please Sara, please find me. I'm so scared.' Gina's mind was filled with fear and pain.

The driver drove slowly into a parking lot to an old apartment building. The outside of the building was cement block and a couple of the windows in the building seemed to be broken. He pulled her out of the car and dragged her inside of the building. The hallway was filled with crying children and smelled of urine. Gina's eyes were open wide as a large culture shock washed over her. As her shoulder was being pulled from its socket, she couldn't help but feel badly for the people that actually had to live like this. No one even seemed to bat an eye at the treatment of her. She couldn't understand how anyone could just turn their backs so fast on things that didn't involve them.

Gina's body was thrown inside the room of her abductor. It, too, smelled of urine and rotten food. She fell onto the floor and was startled to see bugs of all kinds rummaging through the garbage everywhere. Her body began to revolt and she started to retch over the overwhelming environment.

"Stop that! I will tell you when you are allowed to do anything. You can't control your bodily urges at all can you?? You disgust me!" He spat as he kicked her in the stomach.

Gina tried not to yelp at the pain coursing through her body. She didn't want to upset this maniac any more than she'd done already. When she finally looked up, her heart stopped at the sight of the room. The walls were papered in photographs of women of all ages. She gasped when she recognized the one of Rita and her at the bar. What was this all about? She looked at the candles surrounding another picture sitting on the desk, her body started to tremble. 'Nicky!'

Her name was Nicole Stutz. She was a woman Gina knew through Rita. She used to date Rita and they hung around together. They played softball last summer and thought that she had moved since she hadn't seen her around. Rita never really talked about their breakup so Gina just figured it didn't work out. 'Who was Nicky to this freak?' Gina thought to herself.

She watched as her kidnapper circled the room like a caged animal. Gina didn't know what to think of this guy. She was scared to death of him, but was very intrigued by him as well. She wondered what would trigger someone to completely lose it like he had. The ranting stopped and her attacker seemed to be tiring. He looked down at Gina and stared at her with soulless eyes.

He bent down and grabbed the back of Gina's hair and pulled hard, forcing her to breath his recycled air once again.

"Why do you make me do things like this? Do you think I enjoy all of this? I don't, you know. She made me like this. It's all her fault. She brought this out in me. I hate her for it. I hate you!! You all did this to her!! You made her like that. She was perfectly fine when we were kids. Then she started hanging out with people like you, and you changed her. Making her do all of the things that a man does. You are fucking sick, twisted people! You take innocent young girls and you possess their minds. You teach them to become God's abominations. I will teach you what I taught the others. You will be well again soon. I promise."

He grabbed Gina's hair and stood her against the wall. He had shackles in the walls which he placed around Gina's wrists. He squeezed the cuffs so hard that Gina felt the blood stream down her arm. Her body winced in pain as he approached her once again. He backhanded her face like it was a tennis ball and Gina's world turned to black.


Sara raced to the lab with the note in hand. She found Sparky fiddling with his computer and she grabbed his chair and spun him to face her. He looked into her eyes and knew that something was extremely wrong with his friend.

"What's up Sara? You don't look so good."

"I'm not. I need you to run this note. Find out what you can from the prints. I know they are on here. I can practically see them from here. I need to know who this fuck is and I want an address."

"When do yo......"

"NOW Sparky!!" She screamed at him.

"Alright, alright. Just give me a sec. This won't take long." She grabbed him by the arm.

"I'm sorry Spark, he has kidnapped a friend of mine. I need to find her before its too late. I think this is the same guy that is responsible for all of the shootings at Rena's club."

"I'm on it. Don't sweat it Sara. I'll get the info."

Sara watched her buddy work fast and efficiently. He had her answer in what seemed like hours to Sara.

"His name is Aaron Stutz. He lives in the Summit Place Apts. In Des Plaines. He has one living relative, a sister, Nicole. He has no priors, but he has a Smith and Wesson registered in his name. It's a 9mm automatic. Should we send a squad?"

"No! He is expecting me. If I send out the cavalry, he may kill her. I gotta do this my way."

"God help that poor bastard."

"Thanks Spark, I owe you one."

Sara ran out of the lab and ran to her car. She slammed it into first gear and spun her tires onto Route 14. She nervously chewed the inside of her cheek.

'Oh God, please let me get there in time. It has taken me a lifetime to find her, don't take her from me already. I'm coming Gina, hang on for me baby, hang on.' She rattled on in her mind.

The old ransacked apartment building came into view and Sara's throat clamped up. She never wanted anyone dead so badly in her life. Her mind reeled back to when her brother was killed. She felt the same lust for blood as she did then. She prayed for the strength to overcome that darkness that welcomed her so openly.

She parked her car in the parking lot and checked her surroundings carefully. She didn't see anything out of the ordinary, other than dirty children running through the halls. She checked the apartment number again and flew to the end of the hall. She smelled the scent of candles mixed with urine and rotting meat of some kind. This had to be the place. She looked to see which side of the building she was on and ran back outside. His apartment was on the first floor and to the north. She ran to the fire escape and lifted her way slowly to the window. She stayed on her stomach as not to be seen. She peered through the window through the holey shade and her heart sank when she saw Gina hanging from the shackles in the wall. She was unconscious and a puddle of blood was underneath her badly beaten body.

Her attacker was not to be seen. She slowly stood and hid behind the wall. She made another attempt to search for Gina's kidnapper. She couldn't see him so she bent low to open the window. It was unlocked and slowly opened with her gradual movements. She took a deep breath and lunged inside the room. Stutz was nowhere in sight so she went for Gina.

"Gina?" She whispered. "Gina can you hear me?"

"No, but I can." The voice crept up behind Sara before she could react. "Don't you move bitch or you will see her body splattered all over the room. You wouldn't want that to happen to your lover, would you freak?"

"She's not my...."

"Shut..... the fuck.....up!!!!!!! Don't you lie to me. You are all alike. You take whatever and whoever you want. It all stops here. Put your hands where I can see them."

Sara raised her arms and outstretched them to either side of her body. She felt the cold steel hit the back of her neck. She grunted and was pushed into the wall facing the paint.

"Give me one reason that I shouldn't kill you?"

"You don't really want to kill me, do you Aaron?"

"Don't try that psychological bullshit with me. It won't work. I want to kill you. I wanted to kill you all!!"

Sara felt the pressure on her head lessen and she heard him take a step away from her. A sigh escaped his lips and she tried to listen for his next movement. If she jumped him right now, he may not be expecting it. If she missed him, he could kill her with one pull of the trigger. If she didn't try, he would end up killing them both anyway. Her mind raced with total adrenaline. 'It's now or never kid.' Sara said to herself.

She turned around and sent a lightning kick to Aaron's knee knocking him to the floor. He screamed in pain and aimed the gun at Sara. She kicked the gun from his hands and it flew to the other side of the room. He pulled a knife from his boot and swung it at her, cutting her across the thigh. She wailed in pain and kicked him again squarely in the face knocking him backwards. She jumped on him, pinning him with her knees, and began beating him with her fists. Her arms swung at his face until blood spurted out from his mouth. When she felt his body relax, it dawned on her that he was unconscious. Her eyes were fixated and hungry for the kill. She raised her gun to his bloodied chin and cocked the hammer. Her hands began to shake and her finger slowly squeezed the trigger. The sound of Gina stirring behind her brought her back to reality. She released the trigger and jumped off his body. She rolled to Gina grabbing her thigh in pain.

"Hey, can you hear me? Gina honey, can you hear me?" Sara brushed the bloody hair from Gina's drooping face.

Cloudiness of her vision allowed only fuzzy images, but somehow Gina knew that she was safe. She struggled to see the person in front of her. Slowly her vision returned and revealed the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

"Sara, you found me." She struggled with her words as she began to cough. She looked into the warmest eyes and for that instant, she felt no pain. Her focus changed to a figure approaching Sara from behind.

"Look out!" Was all Gina could muster.

Sara whipped around and shot the man in the head who was coming after her for one last attempt on her life. He failed and was given his last rights in the span of a few seconds. He slumped backwards and the two women watched him take his last breath.

"It's over." Sara spoke in a sigh.

She reached over to the dead body and found the keys to the shackles binding Gina. She carefully unlocked her and Gina's body fell into Sara with no strength at all. Sara gently placed her on the ground and propped her head underneath her coat. She pulled out her cell phone and called for the cavalry. Within minutes, she heard the sirens from the ambulance and squad cars approaching. She tenderly kissed her friend on her forehead and said a silent prayer of thanks for saving this woman she cared for, so unbelievably.


As the paramedics wheeled Gina into the ambulance, she noticed another body being removed from the scene. She put her arm on Sara's and motioned to stop.

"Who was that?"

"It's Nicole Stutz, Aaron's sister."

"Oh my God. He killed his own sister."

"He was very ill. Apparently he couldn't handle the fact that his sister was gay, so he killed her and anyone that she was involved with."

"Rita! Oh my God, he killed her! Sara, he snuck into her room and stuck an empty syringe into her IV. He squeezed it filling her tubes with air and it killed her instantly." She began sobbing. "That bastard. My he burn in Hell!!" Her sobs turned into wailing and the detective wrapped her arms around her saddened companion. "I didn't even get a chance to say good-bye to her."

Sara rocked her friend until her wailing slowed. She motioned for the paramedics to wheel her into the ambulance. She jumped inside with Gina, the doors closed, and they made their way to the hospital.

The two women held each other for the duration of the ride to the hospital. Gina was glad to just be alive. Her body had taken quite a beating, and now she would be forever changed. She held onto Sara for dear life, it was too much to digest all at once. Her body was shaking from her near death experience, and she started to drift off to sleep from her extreme loss of blood.

"I'm so tired, Sara. I need to sleep." She looked blankly into her love's eyes.

"Hang on sweetie, we are almost there. Just try and stay awake a little longer."

The ambulance pulled into the hospital and immediately the paramedics opened the doors and pulled Gina and Sara out. They wheeled Gina into an ER room so they could see exactly what damage her body had endured. After about an hour of observation, they had assessed Gina's injuries. No bones were broken, but she had a badly bruised face and her ribcage was bruised as well. Sara had a nice cut on her left thigh, but suffered no other injuries from her bout with the late Aaron Stutz. She let them stitch her leg up, but immediately requested to be with Gina. They complied with her request knowing that it wouldn't be a smart idea to disagree with this woman. She had risked her life to save the life of a woman who she had just met, but felt that she had known forever. Gina was completely conscious and was starting to get restless. Her body had become much stronger, but the doctors wanted her to stay overnight, just to be cautious.

"Sara, I can't bear the thought of another minute in here."

"I know sweetheart, but it's for your own good. This way if anything happens that the doctors haven't foreseen, they can take care of it right away. I promise, tomorrow morning I will bring you to my house and I will take care of you until you are one hundred percent again."

"Why can't you just take care of me tonight? I feel much better now. My blood pressure has increased, I heard them say so. You could just as easily care for me at home. I will sleep much better in a real bed anyway."

Sara smiled at the strong argument her friend had proposed. It made her feel so comfortable, like she'd had this argument sometime before.

"Sara?" Gina's voice broke Sara from her thoughts.

"Yes hon?"

"What do you think? Do you think you can work on the ol' doc for me? I promise if you do this, I will listen to everything that you tell me to do. While in your care that is."

"I'll see what I can do. I am not making any promises though."

"Hey, all I am asking is for you to ask them on my behalf. If they say no, I guess I have no choice, but this is just silly. I feel fine."

"OK, I'll be right back."

Gina tried to get comfortable in her hospital bed, but it was no use. She hated hospitals and didn't want to spend one more minute there if she didn't have to. The reminder that Rita had been killed in this very hospital made her skin crawl. The sadness overwhelmed her again, and she broke down into tears.

"Hey, what is it?" Sara reentered her room to find Gina crying into her pillow.

"It's Rita. I still can't believe that she is gone." She sobbed into Sara's shoulder.

"I know honey, I am so sorry about Rita. If I only had known sooner about this guy, I could have saved her too. It's alright now. I am here. I gotcha." She said soothingly into her ear as she held her tightly.

"I can't bear to stay here Sara. Rita was killed in this hospital. I have to leave!"

"It's okay Gina, I spoke with your doctor and he said if I gave you close monitoring and made sure you got sleep, I could take you home with me."


"Yes, today."

"Thank you Sara! Thank you so much. God, where would I be, if I hadn't met you?"

"Let's not even think about that. I just want to get you out of here."

After a long hour or so, the doctor came in to announce that Gina's release papers had been taken care of. She could be leave as soon as possible. Gina practically sprung from the bed and started to get dressed. Sara just smiled at her friend as she gathered her things in record time. She took one final look around and smiled at her caregiver.

"Ready?" She couldn't hold back the excitement in her voice.

"I am, but you have to leave in this." Sara had the wheelchair brought up to Gina's room.

"What? I told you I'm fine."

"Hey, it's hospital policy. Unless you would like to stay here a bit longer..."

"No, no. This is fine, lead the way."

Sara led her to the admittance area to sign the remainder of her papers. She finished and practically jumped from the wheelchair. Sara grabbed hold to Gina's arm and escorted her to the cab that was awaiting them.

"Sara wait!" Officer Reilly was running up the two women.

"Hey Bruce, what's up?"

"Hey! I just wanted to see how you were doing."

"We'll live. No thanks to Aaron Stutz."

Just the sound of his name made Gina's body shudder. Sara felt the change in her body and brought her arm around Gina's body for comfort.

"Ms. Barnes, we meet again. I am sorry to hear of your friend. I'm just glad that this lady here got to the man who was behind all of the shootings."

"Yeah, me too. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be here right now." Gina managed a smile.

"I think we can all say that about Sara for one reason or another." He smiled up at the two women that looked eager to leave this place. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a set of keys and tossed them to Sara.

"You can take your car home. You left the keys in the ignition. I brought it here from the crime sight. I figured it would be alot safer away from that apartment building. Can you drive alright?"

"Oh, I will be fine. I just got a scratch." She smiled and pointed to her newly stitched leg. Gina was oblivious to the conversation. All she wanted was to leave this place.

"That'll leave a nice scar." Reilly mused.

"Well, I should get her home. The last ten hours or so have been quite the experience. I will see you tomorrow when I come in to finish filling out the paperwork on this case."

"Ok Sara, I'll see you later."

"Thanks for bringing my car over here. It saves me a trip back to that hell hole."

"No problem. Dave's in the black and white. He'll give me a ride back to the station. Take care Ms. Barnes, I hope your recovery is a fast one."

"I am in good hands." She smiled as she squeezed Sara.

"I can see that." Reilly smirked as realization set in. "See you later."

"Bye." Both women said in unison.

"Let's get you home." Sara said.

"Mmm, home, I like the sound of that."


As the garage opened Sara realized that this was her destiny. Gina was the person in her future and possibly from her past. Their souls were reunited with one another again, and she was going to do everything in her power to make sure that they never part again.

Sara looked over to her patient and she was asleep, again. She smiled to herself thinking what a wonderful recuperation this was going to be. She needed the time off and Gina definitely needed her care. She slightly nudged her partner and she smiled and let out a tiny sigh. She slowly opened her eyes and the feeling of the pain in her face was apparent to her caregiver.

"What is it?" Sara inquired.

"My face hurts. That bastard smashed me up pretty good, no?"

"You are still as beautiful as ever." She stroked the redgold hair of her friend as she showed a small blush at her words.

"Smooth talker. You know you're just saying this to get me in your bed again."

"Damn, busted." She smiled. "C'Mon you. I'll carry you if you want."

"Oh no. I can handle walking. I just won't be entering any beauty contests anytime soon."

The two women laughed as Sara got Gina out of the car. Sara put her arms around the smaller girl's waist and helped her along into the house. Sara almost forgot about the pain coming from her own leg until she grazed it against the door frame.

"Ow, dammit, I forgot about those damn stitches."

"Stitches? You didn't tell me you were hurt too!"

"Don't worry, it's nothing really. It was only seven stitches."

"Where did he cut you?"

"Just on my thigh, nothing to worry about, I promise."

"Mmhhmm, we'll see."

Sara moved Gina upstairs and into her bedroom. Gina embraced the warmth and softness of the blankets on her swollen body. She released a satisfied moan and looked at her hostess.

"This is much better. Thank you so much for all of your help."

"It is my pleasure. I don't think that I would have known what to do with myself had that bastard hurt you any worse. I don't want to think of what he could have done to you."

"Let's not shall we? I'm just grateful you got to me first."

"Me too, hon. Me too. Now sleep. You need to get rest. That was part of the plan, remember?"

"Will you lay with me? I really don't feel like being alone right now."

"Sure, scoot over."

Gina welcomed the warm body next to her. She reached over and rested her head on Sara's shoulder. Sara wrapped her arm around Gina and began rubbing her back. This felt so familiar to both women that they both sighed a breath of contentment.

"God, this feels so good. It's like I have come home Sara. All of my dreams, my dreams of my warrior, they were all about you. I have found the other half of my soul, finally." She let herself quietly sob into her love.

"I know the feeling Gina. You have given me such a feeling of love, and warmth, something that I didn't think that I would ever know. Something that I didn't think that I deserved."

"Why wouldn't you think that you deserved to find love?"

"I have done some pretty horrible things in my past. Nothing that I am very proud of. That same darkness came over me when I was sitting above that madman." She paused. "I had my gun pointed under his chin. I was ready to blast his ugly head all over the floor, when something stopped me."


"It was you. I heard you in the background, and it was the sound of your voice that brought your beautiful image to my mind. It stopped me dead in my tracks. The path that was leading me to the dark side of my soul was finally blocked. I owe you so much. Thank you."

"Well, I don't know what to say except your welcome. I'm glad that I could help you too. You saved me, I saved you. We are even, fair and square."

"The feeling of you laying on me has made me feel such peace. I can never thank you enough for that." She said as she kissed the young woman's head.

Gina turned her head towards the tender kiss and faced Sara. She leaned upwards and captured her lips with her own. The kiss was very tender and the longing that had been felt by both women at one time, was now gone. They had found what they had been searching for their whole lives.

Minding her wounds, Sara tenderly kissed the bruises covering Gina's face. Sara looked down at Gina and their gaze was locked instantly. As azure blue burned into emerald green, they shared a moment of silence that spoke more fluently then any words that had ever been uttered. Gina moved slightly to take her lovers body closer to her own. They held each other tightly and soon realized that they wanted to be a part of each other in the most intimate of ways.

"Are you sure Gina? Are you ready for this?"

"Sara, I haven't been more ready for anything in my entire life. I need to be with you, right now."

"You do know, that if we share this, there will no going back. You will be stuck with me for the rest of your breathing days."

"Come here."

Sara rolled Gina gently to her back and captured her mouth with her own. The kiss was hot and wet. It sent surges of electricity throughout their bodies. Their tongues fought for entry and entangled with the other with enormous passion. Gina felt Sara's body pour on top of hers and it felt wonderful.

"I'm not hurting you am I?"

"No love, you feel incredible."

"I want to feel your body naked against me."

Gina immediately struggled to get her clothes off while trying not to break contact with Sara. Sara removed her clothing and again positioned her body against Gina's. The two women moaned at the contact of the naked skin against skin. Sara lightly trailed kisses down Gina's throat and neck. She moved her body downward to nibble tenderly on Gina's breasts. She caressed the soft flesh beneath her and cupped Gina's breasts as she took her right nipple into her mouth. Gina could feel the goosebumps forming on her body with the feel of Sara's tongue on her. Sara gently captured the nipple between her teeth and stroked it with the tip of her tongue. Gina let out a moan of pleasure that racked through Sara's body. Gina could feel Sara's body moving into hers. Gina matched the rhythm of Sara's body and the heat that was radiating from both women could have melted glass. The sweat beaded down Sara's back as she felt her body come closer to release.

Gina pressed her nails into Sara's back as she felt Sara's fingers discover her wet folds of skin between her legs. Sara felt the large nerve bundle and whispered to Gina.

"Oh you are so close. What do you want?"

"I want to feel you inside of me. Please."

It was the 'please' that nearly sent Sara over the edge. It was something about the pleading and pleasing in Gina's voice that she could not resist. Although they had just met, she would give this woman her life if she asked for it.

Sara repositioned herself so that she was kneeling between Gina's legs. She lifted Gina's body so her legs straddled Sara's body. Sara leaned over so her head lay on Gina's chest and then plunged two fingers deep inside Gina. She could hear Gina's heartbeat increase. Her moans were songs of love to her ears. She moved her fingers slowly in and out of Gina with one hand, as the other continued to caress her clit in a synchronized rhythm. Gina's body was writhing below her and she was loving every moment of it. She could feel her own body becoming in need of release as well. She started to move her body in a thrusting motion to match her hands' movements. Their bodies were moving together and the sweat was pouring from them. Both had forgotten the horrible events from earlier and were mesmerized by the feelings they were experiencing for the first time in their lives.

They'd experienced sex before, but it was never as fulfilling or as meaningful as it was right now. Gina grabbed at Sara's body as she began to feel the waves of ecstasy flow through her veins.

"Oh Sara! Oh God! Ohhh!"

Gina's body trembled and quaked into the arms of the woman she loved. Her mind was reeling and her voice carried a sweet tune of passion and pleasure. Sara's body felt every wave of pleasure that passed through Gina. It sent her into a reverie all her own.

Gina surprising Sara, rolled her larger partner to her back. The look of desire was ever-present on both of them. Gina looked deeply into Sara's eyes.

"What can I do to please you?"

"Your pleasure is my pleasure. Just being here with me, is pleasing enough."

"It's not that simple, I need more."

"Whatever your desire is my gift to you."

"You are so beautiful Sara. I love you."

"I love you too Gina."

Gina leaned down to kiss Sara hungrily. She kissed her deeply and moved to lick and suckle her neck. She felt Sara's body move with a need for release. Gina wouldn't allow her to feel that way for long. She wanted to feel her lover climax all over her. She needed her sounds, she needed her wetness, and wanted it now.

She burned a path of kisses down Sara's chest and belly. She found the wet, curly hairs leading to her passion. Gina positioned her head between Sara's legs and inhaled the sweetest of all fragrances. She placed her tongue on the tip of Sara's clit and felt her lover spring from under her.

"Oh God Gina, that feels wonderful. Jesus!"

Gina continued her assault and tantalization of Sara's body. She teased Sara by placing a finger at her opening and left it there. She kept enough pressure there so Sara knew she was there. Gina felt Sara's body pleading with thrusting movements bringing her body closer to Gina's fingers. Gina knew that she needed release so she thrusted her fingers deeply inside of Sara. She licked and sucked the soft flesh beneath her and felt her lover's body respond with every movement. She could feel the closeness of Sara's climax and increased the speed of her actions. Faster and faster her tongue and fingers moved into Sara. She buried her fingers into Gina trying to pull them even closer. She could feel her body's release consume her and she gave into it.

"Oh my God! Gina! Shit!"

Gina was taken aback by her lovers words, but knew that she had given her the most incredible feeling known to the human body. She embraced her lover as she allowed her body to feel every last tremor of passion. The two women held each other closely as they felt their minds return from another place and time. Their breathing returned to normal and they just laid their in the comfort of their bodies.

Sara brushed Gina's hair with her fingers with long slow strokes and felt her lover's stomach begin to rumble.

"Was that you?"

"Sorry, I hadn't realized how long it had been since I ate...food."

"Ha, ha. Do you want me to make you something?"

"Only if you are going to eat too."

"I think that I can whip something up for us downstairs. I will bring it up to you. Sound good?"

"Dinner in bed? That sounds wonderful." Gina smiled at her new love.

"It is only going to be sandwiches or something, is that okay?"

"Whatever you bring me will be just great."

"OK then, I will be right back."

"Don't be too long." Gina said as she kissed her lover tenderly.

"You can count on that. See you soon."

Gina hugged herself as she relived the tender lovemaking she and Sara just shared. She couldn't believe that all of her dreams had now come true in such a short period of time. She could have lived without losing her best friend and staring eye to eye with Aaron Stutz, but her warrior was alive and downstairs, coming back to her shortly.

"This is what love is. I knew I would find her." Gina silently said to herself.


Sara walked downstairs to the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator and pulled together some meat, cheese, and bread. She found a bottle of wine hidden in the back and thought it would be the perfect touch on an almost perfect night. Had Gina not lost her best friend, this night would have been perfect. She grabbed a couple of napkins and made her way back upstairs. This was the happiest she could ever remember herself being. Outside of the memories she had of her childhood with her brother, Gina was the greatest person that she had shared her life with. A small tear grazed her cheek with the memory of her brother, but she knew somehow, he had something to do with her meeting Gina. She smiled in spite of it all, and continued her journey upstairs.

She peeked inside her bedroom to make sure that Gina was still there.

"Are you still hungry?"

"Mm, yes I am. I'm starving as a matter of fact."

"Good, because I have the makings of a great sub here."

"Excellent, come hither my dear." Gina evilly smiled at Sara.

Sara rested the tray of food next to Gina and snuggled back into bed. She rested herself on her side facing Gina. She grabbed a piece of chicken and placed in the mouth of her lover.

"MM, I chould git youshed to thith."

"Don't talk with your mouth full."

She laughed at Sara and nearly choked on the meat in her mouth.

"Here drink this, it'll wash it down easier."

"Shanksh." Sara handed her the bottle of wine. She drank from the bottle spilling a few drops down her chest.

Sara bent over and licked the wine from Gina's chest, causing Gina to giggle at the light touches on her skin. Gina brushed back the long raven hair that was covering Sara's face and brought her mouth to hers again.

"Have I told you lately how beautiful you are?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, but it's great to hear, especially from you."

"Get used to it."

Gina fed a bit of cheese to Sara who took it in her mouth and sucked on Gina's fingers. Their eyes met again, but Gina's hunger spoke louder than her desires. She took more meat and cheese and washed it down with more wine. Sara looked tenderly at the face that had gashes and bruises covering its beauty. She delicately stroked Gina's face and stared tenderly into her green eyes.

"I would like to propose a toast." She said holding up the bottle of wine. "I would like to take this time to honor the memory of your friend, Rita. If it hadn't been for her, we never would have met. If I could bring her back to you, I would in a heartbeat. Somehow I know that your paths will meet again. To Rita."

"To Rita." Gina choked out as tears began to fall. The two took turns drinking from the bottle.

"I have another toast." Gina motioned for her to continue. "It seems that our paths crossed once before as well. I feel that I have known you for an eternity, although we just met. Somewhere along the way, I lost you, and I never want that to happen again. You mean more to me than anyone, other than my brother Nathan, whose life was taken from me way too soon. Gina I love you, and I hope that our life together will be one of love, respect, trust, and honesty. I can't promise a life free from danger, it's a part of my job, but I can promise you my heart and that no one will capture it the way you have. I guess that's it." Sara said and looked down at the bed.

Gina placed her fingers under Sara's chin and brought her face upwards to look deeply into her gorgeous blue eyes. "I have never felt such love in my life. I never have had anyone say the things that you have just said to me either. I know that my life consists of you and me together. I will do whatever I can to make your life the happiest I know how. I do feel the strange connection between us and it makes my heart soar. My dreams knew more that I did. I doubted that I would find the woman in my dreams, and here you are. I just hope that I never disappoint you in any way. I love you Sara." She said as she placed a light kiss on the lips of her dream come true.

"Cheers?" Gina asked as she raised the bottle.

"Cheers, darling, definitely cheers." Sara smiled and took a drink from the bottle offered to her.

The night ended with the two snuggled tightly in their bed. Dreams had come true and souls were reunited.

And that's the way it was meant to be.

The End


OK let me have it! This was my first Uber Story and hopefully you all enjoyed what you read. Please let me know one way or the other. I would like to thank my beta reader, Joe, for dealing with my late night emails. You are honest and your opinion means alot- THANK YOU!!!

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