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Power of Suggestion

By DS Bauden

It was nearly a week since their last fight, but Gabrielle knew that there was something missing in her life. Xena was her best friend, but their relationship lacked a certain something that Gabrielle just couldn't put her finger on. The days were getting very long and the nights were beginning to grow very quiet. It was time for something to change or else things would be said that couldn't be taken back and these undesired words would make untreatable wounds. It could not come to that, Gabrielle knew she would not allow that to happen. If nothing else, maybe they just needed a break from one another.


Xena and Gabrielle were headed to a small village to try Gabrielle's stories in the town's inn. Their dinars were getting very low and they thought that some interaction from other people could deter their feuding for at least a short while. They were just a few miles from Kiaskin when Xena felt Argo throw a shoe.

"What's the matter girl? Are you okay?" Xena questioned the suffering horse.

Argo whinnied and began to limp on her other three legs. Her front left hoof had become inflamed and was immediately tended to by her devoted master.

"Xena, what is it? Is Argo alright?"

"I won't know how bad it is until I can get her into the smithy. Maybe you should run ahead and see if there is someone there in town that might be able to meet me half way. I really don't want Argo in too much pain."

"OK Xena, its not too far off, I can do that for you. I'll send someone as soon as I get there, okay?"

"Thanks Gabrielle, I mean that."

"Sure. See you soon?"

"You bet. Be careful."

"Okay, you too."

Xena raised her eyebrow to Gabrielle's last statement. As if she needed to be careful. No one in their right mind would come up against her. She was the Warrior Princess for Zeus' sake. Xena walked beside the injured horse to relieve some of the pressure.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle entered the small town of Kiaskin. A very tiny town indeed she thought to herself. 'Maybe I can find someone in the tavern to direct me to the smithy." As she entered the tavern, many eyes were upon her. All of which seemed harmless, yet one set of eyes seemed to be burning right through her.

"Excuse me sir, could you help me?" She asked the smitten young man.

"Hmm? Who me?"

"Yes." Grinning at the smiling young admirer. "Can you help me? You see my friend and I were coming into town and her horse threw a shoe. I was wondering if you could direct me to the smithy."

"Better yet, I can take you right to him."

"Great thanks, is he far from here?"

"At your service madam."

"You??" She giggled.

"Did I say something amusing?"

"Um, no. I'm sorry you just seem rather young to have that kind of profession."

"Well pardon me for shocking you. My father taught me everything I need to know. When he passed on, he had his business passed down to me as well. I haven't had any complaints, so where is this horse of yours?"

"Well actually its not my horse its my friend's. Maybe you have heard of her. Her name is Xena."

"The Warrior Princess?"

"The one and only."

"There isn't anyone here that doesn't know of her. Many of them respect her, and there are others that aren't that broad-minded."

"Well, I know you can't please everybody, but she has changed immensely from the harsh warlord that she used to be. Believe me, I wouldn't be with her if she was still that way. She's really a great friend. So, uh, anyway, do you think that you could come with me to see about her horse?"

"Sure.... miss?"

"Gabrielle. And you?" Shaking his hand.

"Jonathan. Nice to meet you Gabrielle."

They stared back and forth at one another and continued their hand shake. The two of them strolled out of the tavern and Jonathan's horse was right out in front of his shop. He pulled Gabrielle up behind him and they were off in search of Xena and Argo.


It didn't take but a few minutes for them to meet up with the lame horse. Jonathan helped Gabrielle down from his steed and hopped off after her.

"Xena. This is Jonathan, he is the smithy from town."

"Thanks for seeing to my horse. Can you see what you can do to lessen her pain until we get her into town?"

"Sure Xena, I have some things in my saddle bag that'll do just that."

While Jonathan dug through his bags, Gabrielle tugged Xena away from his earshot.

"Isn't he nice?"

"Gabrielle, he is just doing his job."

"Xena, he didn't have to come and meet us. He did us a favor. Can't you be grateful for anything?"

"Gabrielle, I'm sure it was more than just an injured horse that made him come out of town to help us. Maybe it was you."

"Ha, yeah right. Xena not everyone does something for something. I think he is very kind and is just doing what comes naturally for him."

"OK Gabrielle, you keep thinking that."

The two of them walked back towards the working smithy. He seemed to have settled Argo's pain and was patting her down. The shoe was removed and it brought much relief to the horse to be without it.

"As soon as we get back into town, I will give her a new shoe."

"How much do you want for your work?"

"We can work that out when we get back into town." He said as he watched Gabrielle's every move.

"Uh huh. OK then, when we get into town."

Xena could feel her blood begin to boil as she felt Jonathan's stares burning into her friend's body. No one was allowed to think thoughts like that about her Gabrielle, no one. 'My Gabrielle? Where in Tartarus did that come from? She doesn't belong to me, we are friends and that is all.'

"Xena? I am going to ride with Jonathan so that Argo doesn't have to carry us both okay?"

"Yeah, Gabrielle, that is a good idea. I'll see you in town."

"See ya!!"

The two of them rode back towards town as Xena stared at them while they became smaller and smaller, until they were out of sight.

"She NEVER wants to ride with me. She could have at least walked next to me as she always does. I don't like this one bit. Not one bit I tell you." She spoke to Argo in a angered voice knowing of the young man's intentions.

"C'Mon girl, lets get you into town so we can get a new shoe for you. Take it easy now, be careful." Argo whinnied and continued towards town. Gabrielle and Jonathan made it into town and went into his shop to prepare for Argo and Xena's return.

"Jonathan thank you so much for doing that. We really appreciate it."

"Oh sure. That is no problem. So what were you two doing on your way here? Are you meeting up with friends or just kind of rummaging through?"

"Well actually, I am a bard, and I was gonna see if the tavern owner could use me to tell stories during meals or something. I am kind of low on money, and, uh, well I am really good with a story."

"I bet you are. Let me take you there when Xena returns. I can talk to the owner, she is a friend of mine."

"Really? Gosh Jonathan, thank you. Is there anything you can't do?"

"Yes, actually. I hate to eat alone. Would you mind having dinner with me tonight?"

"Well....I did come with Xena and it is our first night here."

"She can join us, the more the merrier."

"Then absolutely!! We would be happy to......"

"Happy to what?" Xena interrupted.

"Oh Xena!! Jonathan just invited us to dinner. I told him we would love to."

"You go ahead Gabrielle, I am kind of tired. I am gonna see how much the innkeeper wants for a room."

"Oh, I can help if you want, the tavern owner is the innkeeper as well. She is a friend of mine, let me see what kind of rates I can do for you."

"Well, aren't you our knight in shining armor." She sarcastically replied.

"Xena, he is only trying help. Can't you be nice?" Gabrielle whispered.

Looking back to Jonathan, "Thank you, I would greatly appreciate that. Let me know what I owe you for the shoe." She smirked at Gabrielle and went back out towards the tavern.

"What's eating her?"

"Oh, I don't know. She gets upset when anything happens to Argo."

"Ah, I see."

"Well, I am just about finished here. I will put Argo up in the stables so she can rest. Would you like to journey towards the tavern?"

"Sure, Jonathan. I would be happy to."

The two left the stables and walked towards the tavern. Jonathan couldn't help but watch Gabrielle's movements. He was completely intoxicated by her. She would occasionally catch his glances which made her smile. She wondered if he was interested in more than just a meal. 'Definitely' she thought to herself. 'This could be a very interesting trip after all.' She thought as she walked through the tavern door that Jonathan was so proudly holding for her.

"After you my dear."

"Thank you, sir."

"I am going to find my friend and see what I can do for you two. I'm sure the rooms will be reasonable. I will ask about your storytelling as well, okay?"

"Jonathan, thank you so much for all of your help. You have been an angel."

"It's my pleasure." He took Gabrielle's hand and kissed it gently as he left to find his friend.

Xena was at the bar witnessing all of this and was completely ill by it. She had downed three mugs of port just so she wouldn't vomit at the sight of the awestruck young man. 'GODS, THIS IS MAKING ME SICK!!! What is wrong with her, can't she see that all he wants is to get in her.....maybe that's what she wants. Maybe that is the reason for all of our fights lately. She is missing a physical relationship, the gods know I am not the one to give her that. Even though that is a wonderful image. But that's all it is, an image. She would never even consider that with me. Why in Tartarus would she? I never talk to her, I rarely show her any affection except to apologize. Why she has stayed this long with me? I will never know.'

"Xena? Are you okay?"

"Sure Gabrielle I am fine, how are you and Mr. Wonderful?"

"You mean Jonathan."


"Xena what is your problem? This guy has gone out of his way to help us since we walked into this little village. I just don't get you anymore. You are just not yourself these days, what is wrong? Please, talk to me."

"Nothin' Gabrielle, everything is hunky dory. Can't I just finish my drink in peace?"

"Sure Xena, you can have ALL the space in the world. I'll make sure your room has a mirror in it so you can see what an ass you're being."

"Was that with a capital A, Gabrielle?"

"Son of a Bacchae, you are too much." Gabrielle stormed off away from the bar as Xena fixated on stares coming from across the room.

"What are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen an ass before?"

Jonathan came out of the backroom, looking for Gabrielle to tell her the good news. He came across Xena and started to approach her. He saw the icy blue stare and decided to look for Gabrielle on his own. She was in the corner of the tavern crying.

"Gabrielle? Is everything alright?"

Wiping the tears from her face, sniffling. "No Jonathan I am not alright, can we take a walk?"

"Sure. C'Mon, lets get out of here." He put his arm around Gabrielle and headed for the door.

"You two kids have fun now!!!! Hey Jonathan - don't do anything I wouldn't!!" Gabrielle resumed her tears and left the tavern with Jonathan.


Their walk was very slow and quiet. The lake that surrounded the tiny village was giving Gabrielle some comfort. Each ray of sunlight that trickled off of the shore's waves, reminded her of how happy she and Xena used to be. 'What has happened between us? We used to be so close. We never laugh anymore, we barely ever show any affection, except when Xena apologizes to me for something she did. I don't get it. She is my best friend in the whole world, I love her so much. Why is she treating me like this?'

"Dinar for your thoughts." Jonathan gestured.

"Oh I am just wondering what happened to my happy life."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean my life with Xena. We used to be the happiest and the best of friends. Now its a miracle when we can get through the day without arguing about something."

"Maybe your life needs some new spice?"

"Yeah like what? That's why we came here. We thought that other people around us would take our minds off of the arguing. It has just intensified it. I just don't know anymore."

"Maybe I can help take your mind off of your troubles." Jonathan leaned in and kissed Gabrielle's surprised lips. After a second she jerked away startling Jonathan.

"What's the matter?"

"I, uh, Jonathan, nothing. I guess I wasn't expecting that. It's alright."

"Oh in that case..." Jonathan leaned in again and began to kiss Gabrielle.

"Jonathan please!! Please don't do that!!"

"So I guess the rumors are true then?"

"What rumors?"

"The ones of Xena and her little friend ."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Oh come on Gabrielle. You can't be that naive. Look at her!! She is sitting at the bar getting completely intoxicated while you are here with me. Face it, she has got it bad for you."

"I don't know what you are talking about. Xena and I are just friends. That is all!!! I don't know what you have heard, but it is simply not true!"

"Then why the apprehension? Just kiss me then." Gabrielle grabbed Jonathan by the sides of his enclosing face.

"Jonathan, have you even considered that maybe I just don't want to kiss you?"

"Well, honestly I have never had anyone tell me no."

"Well let me be the first to say, no. No offense Jonathan, but you aren't my type."

"Why because I don't have tits and a chakram??!!"

"You know, Xena was right about you after all." Gabrielle spat and walked back into the tavern.

"Gabrielle wait!!! I didn't mean that, please come back!! I'm sorry!!!"

"How do you expect me to carry on a decent conversation with you after that??"

"Gabrielle I am sorry. I don't know what came over me. I have never spoken to a woman like that, EVER!! You have got to believe me."

"Why should I believe you, I don't even know you."

"That's true, but if you will allow me to try and make it up to you, I will prove myself worthy of your friendship." Gabrielle gave her best Xena eyebrow, and then extended her hand to the apologetic man beside her.

"Well you can start by buying me dinner. And, uh, I would stay far away from Xena if you know what is best for you."


The walk back to the bar was a short one. Gabrielle did not want anymore time alone with Jonathan. 'Xena was right about him, no matter how much he apologizes'. She thought to herself. 'But is he right about Xena's affections for me? No way!! She would've said something by now. He's just mad I wouldn't kiss him. Creep. Well at least I am gonna be fed tonight, I'll make him pay for that remark, tits indeed!!!'


During the time Gabrielle and Jonathan were outside, Xena continued to drink herself silly when someone caught the corner of her eye.

"What are you..........Campo? Is that you?"

"Hello, Xena. What brings you to me this time?"

"I don't understand."

"You are in my place, I figured there was something I could do for you."

"This inn is yours?"

"Yep, every wall, every pillar. I won it in a poker game. My life has been pretty slow since then." Laughing.

"Wow, I can't believe it. How long has it been? Five, six years?"

"At least that.......So how are you Xena? Are all these tales of you true?"

"Depends on who is telling them. I'm afraid to ask what you have heard."

"Oh, good stuff for the most part, that's what's got me puzzled. You were such a bad-ass, what happened? You got soft on me? And a little too late I might add."

"Oh, CP I can't even begin to apologize for the things that I put you through."

"Xena, don't. We all have done things that we aren't proud of. Look at how we met for Zeus' sake. It's old history. Don't drudge it up. It's better left where it's at, believe me. I may want to kill you."

Smiling at each other Xena walked around the bar to get a better look at her old friend. She stood about Gabrielle's height with a slender muscular build. Her hair was as black as coal and her eyes were a marbled gray. The lines in her face told a story all their own, all of which made up the woman she was today. Xena stood next to her friend and gave her a sincere hug to which the woman answered in return.

"It's been too long Xena."

"Yes, it has. Believe me, I am a much better person now than I was before, thanks to Gabrielle."

"Oh? Who is that? Another conquest?"

"No, she is nothing like that. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She gave me the eyes to see the error of my ways. I can see the good in people now, I could never see that before. I am forever indebted to her for what she has given me."

"Oh, I'm sure she has given it to you all right."

"No, CP. It's really not like that at all. Really."

"Wow, I must meet this woman who has seemed to have actually given you a heart."

"Yes, she has."

"Where is she?"

"Oh, ah, she is outside with her new buddy, Jon - a - than."

"Our Jonathan?"

"The one and only. I hope."

"Oh he is a good man Xena. I have known him since I got into this town. I knew his father well, and when he passed on a couple of summers ago, I got to know Jonathan pretty well. Any woman would be honored to land that one, let me tell you."

"Great. Just great." Xena mumbled.

"Xena, Xena, Xena. I can't believe that I am standing here having a civil conversation with you right now. I should pick up a mace and kill you right now. But it is very apparent that we are both very different people now."

"Yes, we are. How did you go from an army slag, sorry no offense, to an innkeeper anyway?"

"Well, I was in a campsite with a few men in captivity. Oh and uh, no offense taken by the way." Smirking at Xena. "Anyway, I was talking with a prisoner and he was bragging on how he was the best poker player this side of Thrace. You know me, I was like 'Put your money where your mouth is' back then anyway. I told him that if I won, I would get his greatest possession, no strings attached. If he won, well, since I had no possessions, he could violate me as many times and in as many ways as he liked for 10 summers. Basically I bet myself as a slave."

"You were the best at that game though. It doesn't surprise me of how it turned out, though. I'm just surprised that he kept his word."

"I have found that many men, while being tortured, keep their word without question."

"You tortured him?"

"No, not me. The head of the Floric Army did when he realized that he was playing games with his woman. Anyway, I won before the torture happened, and eventually I escaped to claim my prize. So here I am, five years later and look at me now!!!"

"I am, and believe me when I tell you, you have never looked better."

"Aw shucks Xe, you flatter me."

"I have many skills."

"I remember."

The two women were enjoying their reunion as Gabrielle walked back into the bar with Jonathan. Gabrielle looked at Xena and then at Campo wondering what she had missed when she was gone.

"Gabrielle come here. There is someone here I would like you to meet."

Gabrielle approached the two women. "Gabrielle this is Campo. Campo this is Gabrielle."

"Nice to meet you Gabrielle, Xena has told me so much about you."

"Well, don't believe everything you hear." Chuckling she smiled at Xena who was seemingly amused by her last statement..

"You two must be the pair that Jonathan was speaking of earlier. So you are a bard missy? Are you any good? This crowd can get pretty ugly."

"Oh, uh, I can say that I am truly good with a story or two."

"Yes, CP, I can vouch for that. She is very gifted. She has brought me to tears many a time." Xena said while stroking the back of Gabrielle's head.

"That's no easy task I am sure!!!" CP replied. "So are you two gonna be in town long?"

"Long enough to catch up with you, stranger." Xena chuckled as she extended her hand to CP.

"Good to hear. It's a deal. I have a couple rooms that you can have, on the house."

"Oh, you don't need to do that, really." Gabrielle said to her.

"I insist. It's not everyday you meet up with old friends that are nothing as they were when you last knew them. I think this is gonna be an interesting visit."

"Here here!!" Xena tilted her mug to her old friend and finished the last of her port.

"Why don't you two go on upstairs and clean up a bit before dinner. I'll send someone for you when dinner is ready."

"Thanks, CP, I mean that." Xena sincerely replied.

"I know you do. Now go!"


Xena and Gabrielle went upstairs and noticed that the rooms that Campo had given them were adjoining. There was a bathing room in between them, which was filled with beautiful roses and other flowers. Gabrielle looked around in awe of her room, and Xena just plopped herself on the bed to take in all that she had just encountered.

"Hey Xena!!" Gabrielle shouted from the other room.

"Yeah?" Exhausted.

"Is your room as nice as mine?"

"Probably Gabrielle, she runs a really nice place."

"So, Xena.......How do you know her? Campo."

Xena was not in the mood to talk about her relationship with Campo just yet. She couldn't help but see sexual flashes that were coming to her mind from that period.

"She was, um, someone that I used to know, that's all."

"Uh huh, right. The way you two were carrying on, there has to be more of a story there somewhere."

"Nope. Sorry to disappoint you, but that's all that is involved. Not too much to say."

Xena knew damn well that Gabrielle was not ready to hear stories of her torrid past. Especially not ones involving her sexual past with women. She was not really ready to see the surprised look on Gabrielle's face when she told her either.

"OK Xena, if you say so." Gabrielle arched an eyebrow towards Xena's room and decided to take matters into her own hands. "Xena, I am going downstairs to get something to drink. I'm a little parched. Why don't you take a bath or something. Try and relax, and I'll be up later." Gabrielle said as she crept out of the room.

"Mmhhmm." Xena drifted off into a drunken hazy sleep.


"Are you sure I'm not hurting you?" Xena asked Campo.

"No baby this feels incredible, faster!!!!"

"Yaaa!!! Argo, yaa!!!"

Xena was holding onto her lover with one hand as the other stayed underneath her lover's sex, wrestling with Argo's pace. Xena always wanted to have sex while on moving horseback. Campo was up for the ride and hopped up onto Xena's steed, straddled Xena, and they were off!!!

"Oh, this is fantastic!! Gods, Xena, I am really close!!"

Xena pressed her fingers inside as far as they would go until she felt her lover stiffen her back, tighten her legs around her, and yelled out her long awaited release. After her body stopped its aftershocks of a large climax, she held onto Xena like there was no tomorrow.

"You are so good Warrior Princess. So....good."

"Yeah well, what can I say. I aim to please." Smiling at her latest conquest, she slowed Argo's pace as they entered the village where they were staying.

"Lets say that we get a room so I can finish what we started here? Ok?" Campo asked.

"No, I don't think so. This is the end of the line for me."

"What are you talking about? You are just going to leave me?"

"I have had my fun, now its time to go. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time while it lasted."

"I can't believe you!!!"

"What don't you understand? I never promised you anything. You wanted some fun, and I provided it, many times. Now its time to go!!"

"You bitch!! How can you treat me like this?"

"Like what? Like a slag? Isn't that what you are? Isn't that how we met for Zeus' sake!! I'm sorry if you thought I was gonna take you away from all of this, but, this is my life, and this is what I do. See ya."

"Oh no you don't warrior bitch!! You can't......"

"I can't what?" Holding a knife to Campo's throat. "I'll do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want. Is that understood, whore?" A terrified nod came from the younger woman beneath Xena's knife. "Good, then I'll be off. Don't even think of following me or I'll kill you before I even look at you. Any questions?" The girl shook her head in fear for her life. "Now get outta here."


Xena jumped from her bed sweating profusely from her prolonged dream. She looked around disoriented and soon realized that she was back in the room of the inn, that was given to her, by the woman she used as a whore.

"How can she even speak to me? I can't believe the person I used to be."

Looking up, "Gods, it's a wonder you don't kill me now, I have already lived through Tartarus, and then some. I can take it." When no lightening bolts happened she decided to take a bath to try and calm her nerves. She heard Gabrielle come into the next room, and she was crying.

"Gabrielle?? Are you okay?"

Sniffling, "Xena, I can't talk right now. I'm too upset."

"Can I help you? What's wrong?" Xena got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around herself. She walked into Gabrielle's room to see her on the bed with her head smashed into the pillow.

"Xena please, just go away, Ok, please?"

"Gabrielle look at me."

"I can't."

"You what?"

"Xena I can't look at you. You lied to me. I know about you and CP. How could you?" Xena's throat sank into her stomach. She knew she would have to explain this sometime, just not this soon. I guess now was a good a time as any.

"Gabrielle, please listen to me. You know that I have a past. A past that I am not proud of by any means. What happen between me and CP was just how it was back then. I took lovers and when it was over, I left. Even if the other person wasn't ready for it to be over, I left. That's just how it was. I am sorry that I didn't tell you myself, but I wasn't sure how you would react. I see now that I was correct in feeling that way. Please forgive me for not telling you."

"Xena, how could you treat people like that? You didn't even treat her as a person, you treated her like an animal!!" The tears were streaming down Gabrielle's face as she tried to see her best friend as the monster she was. "Is that what turned you on? Huh Xena? If I grabbed you like this, would you want me like that too????" Xena's towel fell from her body and exposed her bare breasts to Gabrielle. She grabbed Xena's breasts with both hands, and held onto to them tightly. Xena gasped at the unnatural behavior of her friend. " Do you like that Xena? Does this turn you on?" Tears started to stream down Xena's face.

"No Gabrielle, it would have many summers ago, but now I wish I was never born." Gabrielle released Xena's breasts and hugged her friend while she cried with her.

"I'm so sorry Gabrielle, I wish you didn't have to hear that story."

"It's my own fault Xena, I went downstairs to ask Campo how you guys met. I wanted to know everything, I found out alright." Wiping the tears away from Gabrielle's face, Xena gently placed a kiss on her friend's forehead.

"I promise I won't hold anything from you again, especially if you ask. I just didn't want to tell you. I forgot how resourceful you were." Gabrielle smiled a half smile at her friend.

"Where would I be if you were never born Xena?"

"Oh I don't know, probably married with lots of little Gabrielle's running around. Certainly not walking from town to town, looking for work."

"Gods!! I forgot, I have to perform tonight. Campo said I could tell my stories during dinner. Shoot!! I have to decide which one to tell. There are so many!!"

Laughing at her friend, "So Gabrielle, are "we" okay then?"

"Xena, we will always be okay. It was just really hard hearing about a person with your name doing really horrible things. I know that's not you."

"You are right Gabrielle, you know the real me. Better than anyone ever could, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Me either. Now take your bath."

"Yes ma'am!" Saluting Gabrielle, she went into the bathing room and continued her bath. Sitting in the tub Xena flashed to Gabrielle's hands on her breasts. She couldn't tell her friend that she was excited by the way she was handled. 'That would really freak her out.' She thought to herself. She felt the excitement as if it were happening again. Gabrielle touching her breasts, feeling her naked skin against her own. Hearing soft words being spoken in her ears right before climax. 'Stop that!! This is Gabrielle, she is the best friend in the world to you. Don't mess this up by lustful thoughts.'


She couldn't help but feel the moisture grow between her thighs as she remembered forcefully holding onto Xena's breasts. 'Gods she has soft skin. I could feel her nipples in between my fingers as I held onto her. That felt so incredible! By the gods, what is wrong with you? This is Xena, your best friend. Here you are yelling at her for her sexual past, and now you can't stop thinking of just that. Get a hold of yourself. Maybe Jonathan was right, maybe there is some chemistry there. Yeah right, now you are delusional. Think of a story to tell your dinner guests dammit.'

Gabrielle paced the size of her room trying to block out sexual images of her and Xena while trying to figure out which story to tell.

"I got it!"

"What Gabrielle???"

"Nothing Xena , sorry. I just figured out which story to tell."

"Good!! Which one?"

"You'll just have to wait like everyone else."

She mumbled under her breath and continued to dry off and get ready for dinner. She put on her leathers and armor and walked into Gabrielle's room. She was not there, she had gone downstairs to prepare for her performance tonight. She walked downstairs to see that Campo had reserved a table for her, Gabrielle, Jonathan, and Campo herself.

"CP, can I talk to you?" She said as she approached her.

"Sure, Xena, come back into my room, we can talk there."

"OK, lead the way." She followed Campo into her room and sat on the chair closest to the window.

"CP, I can't tell you how sorry I am for the way I treated you."

"Xena, stop. We were both very different people then. We have grown up and moved on in our lives. Lets not bring it up okay? When Gabrielle came to me asking about us, I wasn't sure how much of your past you had shared with her. I just told her everything, since she said she wanted to know everything. So that's exactly what I gave her. How was she when she got upstairs?"

"She was a wreck! But after you have been told that your best friend was a monster, it kind of hits you hard! Her actions definitely spoke loudly of what was going on in her head. She wasn't herself at all."

"I'm sorry, maybe I did do it to hurt you. I guess my subconscious took over my better judgment."

"It's Ok CP, I more than deserve that. Anyway, I think it was good for Gabrielle to hear that story. She knows that I was a warlord with a past, now she kind of has a better idea of what that life was all about. Not that she'll tell her grandchildren that story or anything, but maybe she needed to hear it just the same."

"You know Xena, I wouldn't bet on Gabrielle having any grandchildren if I were you."


"Well do the math, two women cannot have kids the conventional way."

"What are you getting at CP?"

"Just that I see your face when you speak of Gabrielle. I think you have it bad for her."

"What are you saying? Me and Gabrielle?? She is my friend, she couldn't handle that anyway. Not that I wouldn't mind......."

"Uh huh!! See I told you !!"

"I am in love with her CP. I really am. I would be lost without her. I don't think she knows how much she has changed my life. I would crumble without her."

"We wouldn't want that now would we?" Both women laughed and finally were relaxing in each other's company.


Gabrielle had been searching for Campo to know when she was supposed to perform this evening. Gabrielle found the cook who directed her towards Campo's room where he had seen her last.. Gabrielle walked through the hallway and stopped when she heard Xena's voice in Campo's room. She felt utterly compelled to stand outside the door and listen to everything she said. What she didn't expect was to hear Xena confess her true feelings for her to Campo. If anything she expected to have to break up a fight because of what Campo told her about Xena's past. She was overly surprised and delighted. After she heard the women laughing, she decided that it was time for her to make her move. Maybe this was what she was lacking in her relationship. If it was, she was sure enough going to find out.


Xena and Campo came out of her room and into the dining area. Jonathan was sitting at the table all by himself.

"Hey Jonathan, where is Gabrielle?" Xena asked.

"She wasn't feeling well. She said to tell you that she would be in her room if you needed anything. Campo, she is also sorry for canceling the storyhour. She had a migraine or something. Said she really needed to get into bed."

"Really? That must be some headache. Probably from all that crying." Looking at Campo. "Can you send up a tray of food? I am gonna see if she needs anything."

"Sure thing Xena. All is forgiven." She winked at Xena and returned into the kitchen.

Xena walked up the stairs and lightly knocked on Gabrielle's door. When she realized the door was locked, she went into her own room to get in through the adjoining door. When she entered Gabrielle's room she tiptoed once she saw the bard in bed asleep. She slowly walked over to Gabrielle's bed and sat at the edge and just stared at her.

"Gabrielle? Are you awake?"

Seeing no movement she lifted her hand and placed it gently on Gabrielle's cheek and began to stroke her face.

"You are so beautiful my young friend, how can I ever tell you how I feel?" Xena closed her eyes and concentrated on the soft skin underneath her fingers.

Gabrielle opened her non-sleeping eyes and watched Xena as she stroked her face. She grinned excitedly and grabbed Xena's hand.

"You already have Xena. I love you too."

"Gabrielle! You big faker!! I can't believe you. You tricked me." Gabrielle sat straight up and grabbed Xena's face and brought her in to a long passionate kiss. Fire broke out in both women's bodies. Hot flames were shooting through their bloodstreams. The kiss was wet and passionate. Their tongues intertwined forcefully wanting to claim each other's for their own. Arms strongly held each other and as the sheets slid down off of Gabrielle's body, Xena realized that her friend was completely naked.

"Oh Gabrielle!! I have wanted you for so long. I just didn't know how to tell you."

"Tell me now Xena, I am listening......Tell me what you want."

"Oh, gods. You feel incredible. Your skin feels so wonderful. I need to touch more of you."

"Oh no you don't. You get nothing more until you take all of that off right now!"

"Yes ma'am!"

Xena started to shed her clothing when Gabrielle's fingers couldn't resist speeding up the process. Xena climbed into the bed and brought Gabrielle on top of her. Gabrielle was straddling her hips when she reached down and got some rope from beside the bed. She slowly pulled the rope from one hand into the other. Gabrielle could feel Xena's excitement as she shifted below her.

"How much do you want me Warrior Princess?"

"Badly." Gasping for air. "So...much."

"What are you willing to do for me?"

"Anything you want...anything."

"I want to see you tied to my bed."

"Whatever you want Gabrielle...it's yours."

Gabrielle reached down and grabbed Xena's right hand and tied it to the bedpost. As she was reaching for her other hand Xena latched onto one of Gabrielle's nipples and began to suck on it."

"Oh!!! Xena.......no you don't. Give me your other hand."

She offered her other hand and Gabrielle tied it to the bedpost as well.

"Can you break free?"

"No Gabrielle, you tied them just like I showed you. How did I know that you would ever use my own lessons on me."

Laughing, "Now Xena, you are mine."

Gabrielle lowered her body so that her breasts dangled in front of Xena's mouth. Xena wriggled in excitement and tried to reach one with her tongue.

"Ah ah ah. This is my show Xena. Just sit back and relax, if you can."

Gabrielle sat up slowly and began to touch Xena's breasts. She fondled her nipples in circles, feeling Xena move beneath her she smiled down at her helpless lover. She leaned down and began to kiss Xena hard. Their tongues fought back and forth enjoying all of the playfulness of each other. Gabrielle moved down Xena's ears and whispered sexual pleasures into her. Xena was overwhelmed by the power her small friend had over her at this moment. She had to really concentrate so she didn't break the ropes that bound her from her prize. Gabrielle had never shown any signs of her sexual nature before. 'It's always the quiet ones.' She mused to herself.

Gabrielle's fingers began to roam and were fixated on Xena's breast until she felt her friend squirm and begin to moan.

"Is it time Xena? Shall I touch you now? Do you want me to?" Gabrielle said teasingly.

"Yes......oh Gabrielle....please. I can't take much more."

"As you wish my princess."

Gabrielle moved down and began to play with the curly black hair that covered Xena's passion. She slowly moved her hand into the wet folds of skin that screamed her name as she entered.

"Oh Xena. you are so wet. By the gods you are beautiful."

Xena began to moan as Gabrielle moved her fingers all around Xena's sex. She felt Xena's body arch as if to offer her something more. Gabrielle moved her fingers down to her opening and pushed one finger inside of Xena.

"Ohhh Gabrielle.....yes oh please deeper...deeper."

Gabrielle thrusted three fingers inside of her and her body began to buck wildly. She was almost to her release when Gabrielle stopped moving.

"Gabrielle what its it?"

"It's my turn Xena. Just watch, you will love this. I promise, I'll be worth the wait."

Gabrielle moved back up to straddling Xena as she began to stroke her own nipples. Xena's eyes opened wide when she realized what her friend had in store for her. Gabrielle circled her own breasts and called out Xena's name. She rubbed her body with Xena's wetness and inserted her finger into her mouth and was overjoyed at the taste of her lover. She was so sweet, and all hers. She moved her hands down to her own sex and began to play with her own hair.

"Do you like this Xena?"

"Oh yes Gabrielle, I do." Xena's breath was very labored in her response.

Gabrielle moved her fingers onto her swollen bundle and began to move her fingers in circles over and over. She inserted one finger into herself and started to moan loudly, driving Xena absolutely crazy. She began to gyrate on top of Xena as she watched in disbelief as her friend pleased herself right in front of her own eyes. Gabrielle's breath began to get rough and erratic. Xena was just about to climax when again Gabrielle just stopped.


"And now my dear..... for your finale."

Xena's eyes widened in anticipation to see what her talented young friend had in mind for her next. Gabrielle moved up to kiss Xena and began to turn around. She was on her hands and knees facing Xena's feet and kneeling above Xena's face. She lowered her mouth onto Xena's sex making Xena scream out loud in total ecstasy. The ropes were pulled so hard that she broke the knob off the bedpost and grabbed the back of Gabrielle's hips onto her own face. Gabrielle yelped in surprise when she felt Xena's tongue on her own sex taking advantage of its freedom. The two moved in tandem swirling their tongues over each other feeling the wetness build and build. The energy between them could have illuminated the entire town.


Campo was bringing up a tray of food when she heard the two women in the throes of passion. She then decided that food was definitely something that they would think about later. She smiled to herself and walked back down the stairs and waited until she saw them again to offer them food.

"On second thought."

She walked to the bar and wrote something on a piece of parchment and went back upstairs. She laid the tray on the floor next to their room and slid the parchment under the door. She went downstairs and tried her best not give her little secret away.


Gabrielle and Xena were panting and squirming until they just couldn't take it anymore. The intensity of their orgasms were earth shattering. Gabrielle had scratch marks on her back from Xena, and the back of Xena's thighs had clenchmarks from Gabrielle's fingernails. It looked like a war zone, but the two of them had never found more peace anywhere. Gabrielle turned around and nestled herself in the strong arms of her awaiting lover. She laid her head down on Xena's shoulder and began to stroke Xena's tight abdomen. Xena's body reacted to her touch and she began to giggle.

"Don't tell me that you are ticklish too Xena?"

Laughing, "Gabrielle I am human after all." Pausing a bit while staring into Gabrielle's eyes. "You are so incredible, I love you so much."

"I love you too Xena. Did you like the show?" Grinning hugely, Gabrielle placed a tiny kiss on Xena's nose.

"I want an encore!!"

"Sure, but another time okay? I am really tuckered out."

"I'm gonna have to teach you some endurance it seems."

"I will love every lesson, my sweet." Glancing at the door, Gabrielle noticed the note from Campo on the floor. "Xena, what's that?"

"I don't know." Getting up, Xena picked the note off of the floor and quietly opened the door and brought in the tray of food.

"It says, 'When you guys have an appetite for something else, this may be just the ticket. Enjoy!! CP.' Damn, she must have heard us. How funny."

"C'Mere with that tray woman!! I am starving!!"

"But what about your migraine?"

"I'll show you a migraine, missy!!" Gabrielle threw her pillow at the laughing and dodging warrior princess.

They seductively fed each other the fine cuisine that was brought to them under the strangest of circumstances. They laughed and talked all night until their exhaustion got the better of them. They fell asleep in each others arms surrounded by the bones from chickens they had eaten just hours before.

Morning came and Gabrielle awoke to a staring Xena.

"What's the matter? Is everything alright?"

"Everything is just wonderful. I couldn't imagine waking up any better. I love you Gabrielle, with all of my heart and soul."

"I love you too Xena. Kiss me, please?"

Xena kissed Gabrielle with a tenderness only she could bestow on her lover. The lovemaking began again and stretched into the late hours of the afternoon. The two bathed each other before making their awaited entrance into Campo's presence.

"Well well well, look what finally woke up? Gabrielle how is that migraine of yours?"

"Oh much better Campo thank you." Winking at her smiling new friend.

"Xena, did you sleep okay? Was the mattress firm enough?"

"Um, yeah CP, everything was perfect thank you. You were too kind. Oh, and uh, thanks for the food, it was delicious."

"No problem, it was my pleasure. Oh, Gabrielle, you left this down here last night."

CP handed her scroll bag to Gabrielle. She also handed her a bag of dinars.

"Thank you CP. What are these for? I didn't even perform last night."

"Consider it sick pay. I took the liberty of reading some of your written stories to the boys last night and they really liked them. Of course I didn't read them as well as you probably would have, but they tipped quite generously anyway."

"Wow I don't know what to say. Thank you very much."

"Hey they were your stories, you deserve it." Gabrielle gave her a hug and thanked her again for everything.

"So you two will be on your way then?"

"As soon as I get Argo out of the stables, we will be on the road again."

Hugging Campo, "Thank you for everything CP, you are a good friend and I won't forget you."

"Aw go on now. You'll make me start crying or something girlie like that. Go on, enjoy your lives together."

"Thanks, we will!!" The two said in unison and looked at each other and laughed.

They left the bar and wandered over to the stables where Jonathan was brushing down Argo.

"Jonathan, thank you for everything you have done for us."

"It was my pleasure Gabrielle. I'm glad to see that you are feeling better."

"Oh I can't even begin to tell you how much better I am." She said while nudging Xena.

"Oh Jonathan, how much do I owe you for the shoe for Argo? I haven't squared our debt yet."

"Don't worry about it. Any friend of Campo's is a friend of mine. I am just gonna hold you guys to that dinner date. Whenever you come back into town, you will just have to join me for dinner okay?"

"Deal. Thank you again. Argo looks much better. You do good work, I will spread your name around towns."

"Thanks Xena. Good-bye, and take care of her."

"Oh, you can count on it." Xena couldn't quite figure out if it was Argo or Gabrielle that he was referring to. Either one had the best of protectors in their corner.

The two started their journey again. Just the two of them, but a new life was beginning for the both of them. Gabrielle grabbed Xena's stomach and started to whisper in her ear.

"Xena, do you think we could try the horse thing? Just once?"

"GABRIELLE!!!!" Gabrielle giggled into Xena's ear as she held her lover as they rode into the sunset.


The End

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