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Did You Know?

By DS Bauden

Xippy Award

Lusting after a bard was no way for a warrior of Xena's stature to live. After their last night together, Xena knew that she needed to take some time away from Gabrielle. The past few weeks have been murderous on the warrior and her heart. She knew that she wanted Gabrielle, but knew that it wasn't in the best interests of their relationship for her to act on that emotion.

"One night away from her is all that I need," the warrior thought to herself. "All I need is one night with someone I don't know to take this damn edge off." She mused while staring into the dying fire.

"Gods, I gotta stop doing this shit." She looked over at her companion who was lightly snoring and deeply asleep.

Xena took these opportunities to openly stare at her young partner of two years. "She's so beautiful and so smart. Why does she waste her time with an old fool like me? I'm as good for her as Argo would be." She sighed deeply and continued to stare out into the night's sky hoping that sleep would take her tonight.

Many a night she had lay awake thinking of Gabrielle and how wonderful it would be to have more of a relationship with her. She knew deep in her heart that it wasn't meant to be. We're just too different.

"I've done too much in my past to ever deserve someone with a soul like Gabrielle's. I just need to do what I've always done in the past: go to an Inn, drink of their ale, and sleep with a stranger. The fewer the ties, the better I like it." Xena said with sad conviction and knew tomorrow that she would head out towards the nearest village... without Gabrielle. She audibly swallowed and sank into her bedroll and waited for the sun to rise.


Morning came with the sun beating down on both women, Xena stirring first, as usual. She leaned over to Gabrielle and whispered for her to wake up. Gabrielle swatted at Xena like she was an insect invading her private sleeping quarters, thwapping Xena on her nose.

"OW!" Xena growled.

Panicked by the insect growling at her Gabrielle sat straight up in her bedroll and looked around foggily to find the critter in question.

"Xena?" Gabrielle questioned. "What are you doing?" She asked as Xena was staring into the sky with her head back.

"I'm willing the blood back into my head. You smacked me pretty good."

Blushing profusely, "Oh by the gods, Xena I'm so sorry! I thought you were a bug!"

"Gee Gabrielle, thanks, I feel so much better now." The warrior grumbled while pinching the bridge of her nose.

"No really, I'm sorry. Here, let me take a look at that," Gabrielle approached Xena without tying her top leaving her breasts in view of Xena's peering and very wide eyes.

Coughing and sputtering now, Xena tried to get away from Gabrielle. "No, I got it! Don't worry about it. I know you didn't mean it. I'll be fine, trust me." She willed Gabrielle away.

"Well, as long as you're sure." Gabrielle said.

"Yes, I'm fine. I just need to get some cool water on my face." And down my britches. "I'll be right back." Xena said as she stood and headed for the creek in front of their campsite.

Xena crouched in front of the water and wet the cloth she'd taken from Argo's saddlebag and placed it on her nose.

"Ah, yeah, much better," the warrior sighed.

A splash sounded to the left of her and a sputtering naked Gabrielle appeared in front of her.

"You can say that again." She smiled beginning to wash her body.

"Gabrielle! What are you doing?" Xena said more loudly than she'd anticipated.

"Um, Xena, I'm bathing. What does it look like I'm doing?" Gabrielle answered back.

"Well do ya have to do that naked?" Xena almost smacked herself for acting like a schoolboy with a hard-on not wanting to walk up to the front of the class.

"Xena, people tend to take baths while being naked. It makes washing one's self a lot easier. What's wrong with you today?" Gabrielle asked. "You seem a bit edgy." She observed.

That doesn't even begin to express what I'm feeling right now. "I just mean, anyone could see you. We're not that far from the path." Xena tried to cover her panicky response.

"My hero," Gabrielle smiled. "Don't worry, I checked the line of sight from the creek before I jumped in. No one can see me." She explained.

"Good thinking," Xena complimented.

"Thanks. Someone very smart taught me that," she smiled as she finished her bath and ending Xena's tumultuous torture.

The two women walked back to camp. Xena's nosebleed was cured and Gabrielle was now dressed. All was right in the world, for now.


"WHAT!?" Gabrielle yelled.

"Gabrielle, listen please. It'll just be for the night, I promise. I need to go see someone in the next village."

"Why can't I just go with you? I really hate when you get like this. I thought we were past all this." Gabrielle said as she continued her rant against Xena's solo departure.

"Please don't be like this, Gabrielle. I promise it will only be for ONE night. I'll meet you back here tomorrow morning. You won't even miss me." Xena tried to argue at her raging bard.

Gabrielle, with her hands on her hips, just rolled her eyes. She would miss Xena even if she were only gone an hour. She just wished Xena would be honest with her. She knew that Xena just wanted to go to an Inn, drink their ale and sleep with some stranger. Gabrielle just hoped that one day, Xena would see her for the woman she was. One that was completely in love with her and would do anything in the world for her.

"Fine, Xena. You go meet with your 'friend'. I'll see you tomorrow." Gabrielle said exasperated.

"Gabrielle please don't be upset," Xena couldn't help but stroke Gabrielle's cheek with the back of her knuckles. Gabrielle wanted to do nothing but lean into the touch, but knew it wouldn't be welcomed. She stepped back and answered Xena.

"I'm fine, Xena. You do what you need to do, and then come back to me like you always do. I'll be here, don't you worry." Gabrielle tried to keep the sarcasm out of her voice to no avail. I always am.

Gabrielle wanted to scream 'You'd better wash yourself before you come back' but her face remained calm and she did like she always had in the past: she hugged Xena good-bye and wished her good luck on her journey.

Xena waited for another round of distaste from Gabrielle, but it never came. She hugged Gabrielle back and looked at her questioning. She shook it off and went to find some relief.

Gabrielle waved at her warrior as she climbed Argo and disappeared from sight. She sat on a log at the campsite, found a stick and began to draw in the dirt. Her mind was crying out for someway for her to get to Xena and make her see that they were made for each other. She made a few idle strokes with the stick and stared at her drawing and smiled brightly.

"I know how to reach her. I'll just beat her at her own game." She stood and dusted her rear off and gathered what she had at the campsite. She packed up her bag and set off after Xena. This is the last time you go seeking relief from someone other than me.


Xena arrived in Crillius just before sundown. She dismounted Argo and headed for the stables. A young boy met her at the gate.

"Can I help you... by the gods! You're Xena!" The boy chirped.

Xena looked down at the small boy and smiled. "Yes I am. Do you think you have some room in there for my horse? She's awful tired and could use some nice cold water." She smiled.

The boy beamed and replied. "Of course, Xena. We'll always have room for Argo. She's really pretty." He smiled and blushed.

"You know her name, eh?" Xena questioned.

"Oh yes! I've heard a lot of stories about you and her. I thought you traveled with someone though. Gabrielle? I think that's her name."

"Yes, you're right. Her name is Gabrielle. She's taking care of other business tonight. It's just me." She paused to smile at the pre-teen that was staring at her. "Do you think I can find a room for the night?"

"Well considering my mother runs the Inn here, I can almost guarantee you a room tonight. We can give you a warm bath too, if you'd like. Mama'll be excited to have you stay with us." He said excitedly.

"What's your name, little man?" Xena asked.

"Carlo. My name's Carlo," he answered.

"Well, Carlo, please tell your mother, that I'll be in as soon as I know Argo is set for the night, alright?" Xena smiled.

"How about this, I'll see to Argo, you go to the Inn and get settled in. I'll be right behind you." He smiled.

"Alright, then." Xena pet Argo's head. "OK, girl, you'll be in good hands here. I'll see you first thing in the morning." When I go crawling back to Gabrielle. Argo snorted and bobbed her head.

Xena watched as Carlo took Argo inside and as soon as they were out of sight, set off to the Inn. Peering around the corner, Gabrielle watched Xena walk towards the Inn and smiled devilishly.

"We'll see you later, Warrior Princess." Gabrielle said.

The bard had hitched a ride with a salesman on his way to Crillius. She talked her way into his wagon for the mere fee of telling stories about the legendary Xena: Warrior Princess. She was more than happy to recount the tales of the woman she loved so much.

Carlo came from inside the stable and saw Gabrielle. "Did I do ok?"

Gabrielle tossed him a couple of dinars and smiled. "You did great Carlo! Now, you told your mother she was coming, right? She knows to keep my plans for Xena a secret, right?" Gabrielle asked.

"Yes, I told her you had something special planned for Xena. She knows not to let on to her that you're here. Is it Xena's birthday or something?" Carlo inquired.

"I wouldn't say it was a day of birth, but it's definitely a beginning of sorts." Gabrielle said as she gave Carlo a very toothy smile.

Carlo looked confused but didn't ask the bard any questions. He told her about the back way into the Inn and swore his secrecy to Gabrielle. She lightly kissed his cheek and as he raised his hand to the still warm flushing skin on his face, Gabrielle raced towards the back entrance of the Inn to begin her night of fun with Xena.


"Which room did you put her in, Vera?" Gabrielle asked Carlo's mother.

"She's upstairs at the end of the hall on the right. It's the very last room. You can't miss it." She explained.

"Thanks, Vera. I really appreciate you doing all of this for Xena and me. She needs a good night of relaxation, and by the gods I'm going to give it to her." Gab said with a wicked grin. Oh yeah, I'm gonna give it to her alright.

Gabrielle walked happily to the kitchen where Vera had given her the backroom to hide out in. She'd gotten some of her supplies from the salesman, and other items from town. This night was going to be a memorable one for the two of them.

She looked at her collection and smiled, "Xena, tonight, you are going to meet the woman of your dreams. And I'll get to fulfill all of mine." The blonde woman said as she looked into the small mirror on the wall. She looked at herself for a few moments and tried to shake the feeling of doubt from her mind.

Gabrielle sneaked out of her room and took a brief glance into the Inn. She spotted Xena sitting, as usual, in a dark corner all alone. She had several empty mugs sitting on her table. Xena had been drinking nonstop since her arrival and looked as though she was scanning the room for a partner for the evening. Gabrielle knew that her timing had to be soon. She ducked out of the way when Xena's eyes almost met hers. Her heart raced as her cover was almost blown. She ran back into the storeroom and looked at herself one last time.

"Don't get cold feet now, Gabrielle. You can do this. You need to do this. You will do this." She said as a mantra at her reflection. Her confidence returned as well as the port she'd ordered from Vera. She thanked the woman at the door and slowly emptied the mug. She wiped her mouth with her arm and took a deep calming breath.

"It's showtime."


"Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice you all the way over here. Are you alone tonight?" Xena felt the words on the back of her neck.

"Actually, yes. Are you here to offer me... companionship?" Xena replied without turning around to meet the stranger speaking to her.

"Yes... I am. Can I get you a drink? Or are you past that already?" Gabrielle said in her lowest and scratchiest voice.

"I've had quite a bit already, but not nearly enough. Please, won't you join me?" Xena said as she downed the rest of her ale.

"I would love to join you, but I'd prefer a different setting. You have a room here?" Gabrielle suggested.

"Of course." Xena smiled. "I'm guessing that's your setting of choice then?"

"Yes." Gabrielle stated flatly.

"Then we go, but first I want to let you in on my terms." Xena said as she leaned into the body behind her. "I could kill you before you could even blink your surprise, so don't even try anything stupid." Gabrielle swallowed hard and agreed.

"I'm really not the killing type, so don't worry."

"Well I am, and I always worry, which is why I'm still alive." Xena stated honestly. "Second... I don't care what your name is so I don't want to know it. Understand?"

"I understand. Anything else?" Gabrielle was feeling her nerve leave her body.

"Tonight, your name is Gabrielle. End of discussion." Xena said as she stood and walked towards her room. Gabrielle stood slack-jawed as she felt her nerve return tenfold. Xena paused at the steps since her companion for the evening hadn't followed. Xena turned to face the stranger for the first time and felt herself sway. Part from the ale and part from the gorgeous creature in front of her. Xena audibly gulped her reaction and gestured to the steps. "Are you coming? Or are you going to make me wait all night? I do hate to wait." She sexily taunted from across the room.

The patrons of the Inn had stopped their conversations to watch the interaction between the two women. They watched in fascination as the smaller woman approached the taller and tucked her hand inside the larger one. The two walked up the stairs in silence as Xena just stared at her beautiful partner for the evening.

"You are breathtaking," Xena said as she sized up the woman next to her. Gabrielle was wearing a mid-length strapless black dress that fit snugly to her body. Her shoes were wound leather wrapped around her calves and feet outlining her shapely legs. Her cape wrapped around her shoulders and draped down to the floor. A black mask that reached just above her mouth mostly covered her face. Her hair was tightly wound with black leather straps weaving through her natural color and pulled away from her face. Gabrielle's lips were coated in a thick red lipstick and her eyes were heavily painted in black. To anyone else she would've appeared mysterious or enigmatic. To Xena, she was just what the doctor ordered.

"Why thank you." Gabrielle said trying hard not to blush. "I do, however, have a few rules of my own." Xena raised her eyebrow in response. "The mask stays on and I don't get touched." She stated and waited for Xena's reply.

"You don't want me to touch you?" Xena asked cockily and tilted her head to one side.

Gods yes I do! "No. I like to... drive, if you catch my meaning." Gabrielle swallowed and hoped she hadn't crossed the line.

Damn, you're gonna be fun! "Deal. I won't touch you or your mask," she agreed. "Shall we?" Xena gestured to the door leading into her room.

"Yes, thank you." Gabrielle said as she walked past Xena as she opened her door.

Xena took a deep breath, inhaling the fragrance of her partner for the night as she walked past. Her head felt intoxicated from her scent. She knew this was going to be an extraordinary night.


Gabrielle looked around the room and was pleasantly surprised when Xena offered her a drink. Her hospitality was always good. She accepted the drink and sat on the chair just under the window.

"So, do you do this often?" Gabrielle asked huskily.

"Do what?" Xena played along.

"Take complete strangers into your room," she replied.

"When I need to take an edge off, yes, I've done this before." Xena said honestly.

"Why don't you just settle down? Surely one as beautiful as you can't have a hard time finding a partner."

Xena walked across the room and extended her hand out to Gabrielle. Gabrielle stared into Xena's eyes and stood at her command.

"Enough talking." Xena drank the last of her ale and pulled Gabrielle into a hard deep kiss. Their lips met roughly and tongues soon fought for dominance. Gabrielle couldn't control the moan that escaped from her throat. Xena's appetite was growing by the minute with her new partner. She kissed and nipped the smaller woman's lips and slowly pulled them apart. She drank of Gabrielle's mouth and tasted all she offered.

They pulled apart and Xena looked into Gabrielle's eyes with a lust and desire that Gabrielle had never seen before. "You taste very sweet. I wonder if the rest of you tastes as good."

"That is something that will remain a mystery to you, my dear." Gabrielle said cockily.

"You think you can resist me for the duration of the night? I'm sorry to tell you, but I've never been denied," Xena said as worry struck the bard's face.

"But I'd never take you unwillingly. No will always mean no. I'm not a barbarian, after all." Xena continued as she studied the mouth and eyes of her companion. "I won't hurt you, I promise. Well, not without cause." She smirked.

"Noted." Gabrielle said as she nervously began to wonder if this was such a good idea. You can do this, Gabrielle. It's too late to back out now.

Xena stepped even closer to the smaller woman and placed a finger on the woman's lips. "Is kissing alright? I don't think I could stand not kissing those lips again after that." She said as she continued to outline the bard's lips with her thumb. Gabrielle could feel her excitement in the swell of her belly and making it's way down between her legs. Gods, she's got a way with this seduction thing. Who knew?

"Kissing... is... fine." Gabrielle stuttered at the soft touch. "No touching and the mask stays put. Just remember that and I'll be good." Gabrielle reaffirmed shakily.

"Noted." Xena said as she crushed the smaller woman's lips once again and found herself reeling from the intensity of it. A moan escaped her mouth as she led the smaller woman to the bed. She felt the bed touch the backs of her knees and sat down. She stared at the mysterious woman looking down at her and shook her inebriated head.

"You remind me of someone very close to me," Xena said as she began to undress. "Are you from around here?"

"I thought you didn't want to know my name, or anything else for that matter." Gabrielle said as she began to help Xena with the shoulder straps of her outfit.

"You're right, I don't want to know." Her blue eyes were blazing with desire and want for this woman. She licked her lips as she watched the woman in front of her remove her clothing.

"Stand up, so I can get the rest of this off of you," Gabrielle said hoarsely.

Xena did as she was told and rose from the bed. Gabrielle's skilled fingers removed Xena's leathers and watched as Xena slid her tunic down her body. Even though she had seen Xena naked many times, never before had she seen a body that equaled Xena's.

"Are you sure that I can't persuade you to take something off? If it's the mask you want to keep, then I'm all for that," Xena bent down to whisper into Gabrielle's ear. "I think that would be extremely sexy." Xena smiled saucily at her prey.

"Do you?" Gabrielle smiled and leaned her head to one side.

"Oh yeah..." Xena agreed.

"Well, if you want to have me undress, than you'll have to cover those baby blues of yours." Gabrielle reached behind her and pulled a sash out from her cape. "I have just the thing." She said as she dangled it in front of Xena's eyes. "You game?" Gabrielle taunted.

"I'm always game... just remember, no funny stuff… or else," Xena stopped and moved her finger from one end of her throat to the other.

"All right then. Turn around." Gabrielle whispered.

Xena did as she was told and turned her back to the 'stranger'. She felt the woman pull her hair back and slowly brought the black cloth over her eyes. Gabrielle gently tied off the sash and turned Xena around to face her. When she was certain that Xena couldn't see anything, she began to disrobe.

"Can you see anything?" Gabrielle asked tentatively.

"Nope, not a thing," Xena replied.

Gabrielle waved her hand in front of the warrior's eyes and faked a jab to her face. When Xena didn't react, she knew that she was telling the truth. The long cape fell to the floor followed by the dress, shoes, and Gabrielle's underclothes. The bard kept the mask in place, but otherwise she was naked as the day she was born.

Gabrielle took the time to relish her view of Xena's nude form. She swallowed loudly knowing that she was finally going to have her warrior. Once she knew that Gabrielle was not a stranger, they'd live happily ever after. If she doesn't kill me first for lying to her.

"Are you still with me?" Xena asked quietly.

"Yes... I... sorry... you're magnificent." Gabrielle breathed out.

"Thank you, I'd say the same, but I wouldn't know." Xena smirked and leaned down to kiss the bard again.

Gabrielle placed her hands on both of Xena's cheeks and pulled her closer to her mouth. The kiss was soft and gentle, the kind of kiss Gabrielle had dreamed of giving Xena many times. Xena responded in kind and slowly deepened the kiss with her probing tongue. Gabrielle allowed her entrance and felt the rush of excitement in her core once again. She knew she'd have to lead this dance otherwise, her cover would be blown. It's hard enough talking in this fake voice. I don't know if I could fake anything else. Oh, by the gods, I don't even want to go there!

Gabrielle pulled away from Xena, breaking their kiss and gently turned her around. They moved slowly to the edge of the bed and Gabrielle gently pushed Xena to the bed on her stomach.

"Slide forward. You're almost at the top." Gabrielle said slowly guiding Xena to the head of the bed. Gabrielle slowly climbed on top of Xena and made her way up the warrior's body. Xena's body reacted to the breasts being pressed into her back. She ground her hips into the bed and let out a large sigh. Gabrielle moved until her pelvis was pressing into Xena's bottom and then she began to thrust herself into her.

"Do you like that?" Gabrielle asked warily as she moved back and forth against Xena.

"Mmmhhmm... that feels good. Push harder. I want to feel you." Xena whispered as she continued to grind her body into the bed.

Gabrielle leaned her body lower so her nipples glided against Xena's back as her pelvis drove steadily into Xena's backside. Gabrielle leaned lower to kiss the back of Xena's neck and she saw and felt Xena's body react. Xena's skin broke into gooseflesh and her breathing was becoming more erratic. She began a series of kisses down the warrior's neck and shoulders and stroked her tongue along down her spine.

"Oh, Gabrielle..." Xena whispered the bard's name bringing Gabrielle's desire to an all-time high. She began moving her hips faster into the warrior and Xena matched her rhythm with every stroke. Gabrielle moved her right hand down the length of Xena's right side and began to shift her body. The bard's hips raised enough for her hand to reach down to touch Xena's sex. She reached between Xena's buttocks and pressed her fingers along her nether lips feeling Xena's incredibly wet center.

"Ohh.." Gabrielle sighed as she felt along Xena's wetness.

She reached Xena's clitoris and began to gently stroke it back and forth, coating her fingers with the warrior's juices. Xena began to moan and clutch at the sheets and blankets with her balled fists.

"Oh yeah... just like that..." Xena began to chant.

"I know baby, and I won't stop until you tell me to." Gabrielle whispered into her ear as she suckled Xena's earlobe.

"I need... oh yeah... please... please Gabrielle, I need..." Xena hoarsely said.

"What baby? What do you need?" Gabrielle whispered back.

"Inside, please... I... need you inside..." Xena husked.

"How badly do you want me there?" Gabrielle suddenly loved playing this part.

"Please, Gabrielle... more than you know..." Xena almost pleaded.

"All right, don't move... I'll be right back." Gabrielle reassured her prisoner with a kiss to her lips and reached over to the night table drawer where she had left her phallus earlier that evening.

Gabrielle attached the phallus to its harness and knelt over Xena's overly willing body.

"See, I told you I'd be back... did you miss me?" Gabrielle ground into Xena's backside without letting her feel the phallus now attached to her body.

"Yes..." Xena hissed. Her body was on fire and she needed release more than she'd ever needed it before. By the gods, she is good.

"Open up for me, baby. " Gabrielle nudged Xena's legs apart with her knees and slowly leaned down to her body. "Now raise your hips just a little bit... there you go..." she whispered as Xena's body automatically responded to her request.

With a slowness that would kill even Xena, Gabrielle entered her and pressed her body fully into Xena. She slowly pulled back and got Xena's body familiar with the foreign object.

"Oh... by the gods..." Xena ground out.

"Ohhh..." Gabrielle sighed her agreement.

Gabrielle entered her again a little harder and maintained a faster pace with Xena encouraging her verbally. Gabrielle's hips were moving in rapid succession while her own body reacted with every thrust.

"Oh... Xena..." she moaned as she felt her body getting closer to it's own release.

Gabrielle grabbed onto Xena's hips urging herself to go faster. Xena's back glistened with perspiration. Her head was thrown forward and bobbed from side to side. Her hips met Gabrielle's stroke for stroke and she reached down to touch her own clitoris.

Xena hissed with arousal as she felt herself nearing her climax.

"Yes... that feels so good...mmmm" Xena moaned into the bed.

"Gods... uugghhnnn..." Gabrielle groaned as her body thrust harder into Xena's.

Xena's fingers started moving faster as she felt her body succumb to the pleasure of Gabrielle's ministrations. Her body tightened as her climax began.

"Oohh... Gabrielle!" Xena screamed as her body thrust wildly trying to take all that Gabrielle could give her.

"Xena... Ohh..." Gabrielle's orgasm ripped through her as she heard Xena go over the precipice. Both women gyrated frantically willing every ounce of gratification out of each other.

Slowly they both collapsed onto the bed. Gabrielle lay sprawled on top of Xena, Xena on top of the bed. Neither woman moved for several minutes as their breathing regained normalcy. Gabrielle snuggled into Xena's body and she heard a small sigh come from the body below her.

"Am I smushing you?" Gabrielle whispered into Xena's ear.

"No, not at all." Xena whispered back.

Both women stayed in silence for many moments, unsure of what to say next. Gabrielle was going to speak first when she heard tiny snores coming from below her. She smiled into Xena's back and knew the alcohol had taken its toll on her warrior. She slowly backed off Xena, removing the phallus as she exited. A tiny murmur of protest came from the sleeping form, followed by the sound of deep sleep.


Gabrielle gathered her clothing and began dressing. She put on the dress and underclothes, but kept the shoes and cape off. She went to use the facilities and came out to find Xena propped up on her back staring at her with a large grin on her face, twirling the black sash with her fingers.

"You weren't gonna leave without kissing me good-bye were you?" Xena smirked.

"I thought you were asleep. I... um... didn't want to wake you." Gabrielle replied feeling rather self conscious, knowing that Xena could see her now. Gods, this is awkward.

"Well, I'm awake now, and I'd really like one more kiss... if you wouldn't mind." Xena said as she raked her eyes over the bard's tight lithe body.

"No... not at all." Gabrielle walked slowly towards the warrior and leaned over the bed to kiss Xena good-bye.

Their lips met again and both women reached behind the other's necks to pull themselves closer. Tongues met re-igniting the flame that was temporarily tamed. They swallowed each other's moans and pulled away from each other breathing rapidly.

"Please don't leave..." Xena said softly.

"Why?" Gabrielle asked shyly suddenly finding the pattern on the blanket fascinating.

"Because I love you, Gabrielle." Xena answered as she pulled the mask off Gabrielle's shocked face. "And I want to hold you all night long."

"You... you knew it was me? Did you know the whole time?" Gabrielle asked shocked.

"Not entirely. Well, first, I could never forget your scent, and when I got close to you, I took a deep breath and had a feeling it was you. But as soon as I kissed you, I knew I'd never known a more perfect pair of lips as long as I lived. And when I felt your body moving against me, I knew there was only one person that could make me feel that way."

"So why did you let me continue with my charade?" Gabrielle asked feeling a blush climb up her face.

"Well, I didn't know how far you were going to carry it, but once it started, I was unable to stop it. You obviously wanted me too, and who am I to stop a bard with a mission??" Xena smiled.

"My hero." Kiss "My warrior." Kiss "My lover." Gabrielle kissed Xena again. "That's who." She smiled back at the blue eyed woman.

"Can I show you some of my tricks now?" Xena asked saucily as she flipped Gabrielle onto her back.

"Well, I guess, but first let me tell you my terms..."


"No terms?" She smirked.

"NO TALKING!" Xena growled as she kissed her lover soundly leaving Gabrielle breathless and well loved.


The End

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