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A Saving Solace

Meet Kelly Cavanaugh and Susan McGovern. Kelly is Regional Manager for Saks, a posh chain of clothing stores. Susan is a social worker for ForOthers, Inc. a company helping the homeless. Watch how these two women from opposite sides of two worlds come together and help each other through the sharing of their hearts.

ALSO: Check out Di's bio page to find out how you can order signed copies of her books.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

To read A Saving Solace in one file click here. (Be aware: long download)

Check out some cool things related to A Saving Solace:
  • Q&A session with Di about A Saving Solace

  • Feature article written about Di and A Saving Solace.

  • Indiana University — November 13, 2003
    Di did a reading from A Saving Solace on the Indiana University campus. She also did a radio interview as well. Read a transcript of the inteview here. You may also download an audio recording of the inteview here (MP3 - 10MB).

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