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Original Fiction

Sexual Misadventures of Charlie & Terri
See how it all started for Charlie & Terri and then read on for their continuing "misadventures".
Ready for Take Off
Cover by Calli

A Perfect Fit
Trina was bored to tears. Since her layoff four months ago, she hadn't been able to find work anywhere, and her days had been filled with TV shows, rented films, and reading trashy novels. Now Trina was looking for excitement, some adventure to release the energy that she had internalized over the long weeks. Little did she know she'd get plenty of that and more, at the one shop she'd never been to...

Somewhere in Time
This is an adaptation of the movie "Somewhere in Time" which was based on Richard Matheson's novel, "Bid Time Return." The characters have been changed a little to resemble a couple of women we all know and love. I took liberties with the screenplay, but used quite a bit of the actual dialogue to keep this story as true and as wonderful as possible.
Somewhere in Time
Cover by DS Bauden

Something in the Water
Ever get caught with your hand in the cookie jar? Well that's exactly how Tara feels when her neighbor Sarah catches her spying on her while hot tubbing in her birthday suit! The next thing she knows, Sarah is at her door laying the mother of all lip-locks on her — right there in her living room! Funny thing is, when the new day dawns, Sarah has no recollection of the encounter. Join these girls on a fun filled romp of discovery as Tara literally stumbles into one of the most confusing messes of her life - a mystery only Sarah can help her solve!

My Guardian, My Friend
Here's a nice little tale with spice to warm you up about finding a 'knight in shining' armor, or as another reader put it, a 'protective gentle butch,' when you really need one. As Amy finds out when Alex comes to her rescue in more ways than one.