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Nurturing Souls Q&A

DiIn this revised edition of DS Bauden's first novel, the writer significantly adds to the story, turning a good book into an exciting, wonderfully developed tale of loss, love and revenge. Following are some of her thoughts on the book and writing.

Q: Tell us about your thoughts behind this book, how did you come up with this story?
DSB: I have always loved horses and wanted to write about a ranch. Having my character's parents die and then moving her in with her aunt in Cameron, Montana gave me the perfect setting to begin.

Q: How have you changed the story for the second edition? Are the changes primarily editing or have you changed the plot or characters?
DSB: I have added several thousand words to this story. Many new scenes were added to help develop the characters better. It has been reconstructed, reedited, rewritten and feels like a completely new book. I absolutely love the revised edition and feel like it is the book I had envisioned almost five years ago.

Q: You also added a scene to A Sacrifice for Friendship for its second edition. Is this something that is common to do? You have a new publisher for the second editions - did that make it necessary to rewrite the books?
DSB: It doesn't make it necessary, but I felt with A Sacrifice for Friendship that there was a loose end that I always wanted to tie up. Having a new publisher gave me the artistic freedom to add that extra scene I'd always felt was lacking in the story. With Nurturing Souls, it's been completely revamped, as I wasn't 100% happy with the first version of the story. It now feels much more complete and I cannot wait for folks to read this new version. It feels brand new.

Q: How do you feel about the chance to rework a story — is it exciting or drudgery?
DSB: Given the chance to rewrite stories is always exciting if you have areas in your books that need to be revisited or whatnot. I was excited to rewrite Nurturing Souls and am so pleased with the version being released. I didn't rewrite A Sacrifice for Friendship outside of the additional scene that was added. Minor fixes took place, but the story itself, remained.

Q: Do you read your books after they are published? Are you able to look at them differently, say as a reader, than you are when you are crafting them?
DSB: I do read my books after they're published, although, I have to wait a few months after I've been working on the edits or I just fall into that role of the writer again and not a reader. Once I let the dust settle, I can read the book as simply a reader and not a critical one. I will get sucked into a storyline even though I know how it will play out. It's very fun for me.

Q: How have you grown or changed as an author since you first wrote Nurturing Souls?
DSB: I've grown tremendously as a writer since the first drafting of Nurturing Souls. I've matured as a person and that has definitely been brought into my writing style as well. I've learned so much about the art of writing since I've begun working with different editors. You can never learn too much when it comes down to your craft. You can only better yourself with further education.

Q: All three of your books deal with some type of abuse in relationships — an ex-girlfriend for Sydney, a boyfriend for Annie and parents for Susan — was this intentional, is there a message you are sending to women about finding a way out of these relationships?
DSB: It wasn't an intentional message to women, but if they can read into that message and get something positive out of it, then fantastic! I've learned that if you are unhappy in life, only you have the power to change it. Sadly, fairy godmothers don't exist in this world and we have to take matters into our own hands. We have more power than we think we do and should use it to better our lives and ourselves.

Q: The new cover for Nurturing Souls is dramatically different than the first cover? Were you trying to change the tone with that image? How involved are you in the cover design?
DSB: I was by no means trying to change the tone of the book. This is simply a new book and has a new publisher and I wanted to give it a facelift as well. I'm very involved with the design of the covers. I give the artist my ideas and try to describe what I see when I think of the story. She in turn takes those thoughts and creates magic! Anne Clarkson has done an incredible job capturing my vision.