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Nurturing Souls

Check out Di's bio page to find out how you can order signed copies of her books. Also, click here to read a Q&A session with Di about Nurturing Souls.

A Fresh Start
This is a story of Alicia and Sydney. Alicia must deal with the loss of her parents and the moving of her life into her Aunt Edna's home in Montana. Sydney, the stable hand at her aunt's ranch, meets Ally and sees a heart greater than any she has ever known. They become fast friends under the watchful eye of her aunt. A definite hurt/comfort story.

This story is the first of two in the series.
June 1999

In Healing Arms
In the follow up story to "A Fresh Start", we find out what really makes Sydney tick. Ally has found the love of her life, but she needs to find out why Sydney's walls of defense keep rising. She takes Sydney back to Chicago with her to clean out her parent's home and to meet her best friend Tracey. The truest of hearts are put to a test.

This story is the second of the series. I haven't yet decided to write a third installment. Who knows... I wasn't even going to write this one.
February 2000

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Nurturing Souls
Cover by Mark McHaley

Nurturing Souls
Cover by Calli