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A Sacrifice for Friendship Q&A

DiQ: This book is different from your fan fiction and some of your other stories. Tell us about your thoughts behind it? How did you come up with this story?
DSB: A Sacrifice for Friendship was born due to my love of another time travel story, Bid Time Farewell, written by Richard Matheson. People would recognize this story with its adapted movie title of Somewhere in Time. The story of two soul mates transcending time to find each other is just an amazingly romantic story to me. I wanted to try my hand at writing something similar for the lesbian genre.

Q: What kind of research did you have to do?
DSB: I actually did quite a bit of research for this story. The supernatural doesn't appeal to everyone, either you believe in it or you don't. So I knew I wanted to use documented facts to make my story as valid as it could be. I worked with a lovely woman, Agatha Tutko, who is a handwriting specialist as well as a parapsychological researcher. She generously helped me with all the questions I had and allowed me to have the validity I was searching for in the story. Every occurance that happened in this story was documented at one point or another. It really helped me maintain the time continuum factor without it getting caught in circles that didn't make sense, which can easily happen when writing a time travel story.

Q: What's your favorite thing about this book?
DSB: I had a BALL writing this story. These characters were my most fun to date. Frankie was a present day, warm friendly character that I'd had in my head for a year or so who was waiting to be inserted into a story worthy of her. Annie came from my love of Loyola University in Chicago. She was a college student from 1974, a waitress and a woman trying to better her life. She'd been dealt some nasty cards and I enjoyed being able to try and better her life. Crystal is the best friend that everyone should have. She has psychic abilities and loves to torment Frankie, who doesn't believe in any of it. I loved having a best friend that I knew I could trust with my life and I wanted Frankie to have her too. Then of course you have Nonnie. Who is an eccentric, also psychic, woman, grandmother to Crystal and surrogate mother/grandmother to Frankie. She won't take crap from anyone especially these two women she loves as though they were her own daughters. With a cast like that, how could I not love this story?

Q: Do you identify with any of the characters?
DSB: There is a little bit of myself in all three women — Frankie, Annie and Crystal, so I can't identify with only one. My love of movies, is what gave me the idea for Frankie's profession — owning a movie memorabilia shop. Once I figured her character out, I needed to find a worthy tale for her. After watching Somewhere in Time for the umpteenth time, I decided that she belonged in a time travel story searching for her other half. Annie became that other half. I adore the story of soul mates finding each other and knew that Frankie needed hers, so Annie was born. Annie is kind, warm and loving and was just born into the wrong family. I had a wonderful family, so I wanted to find one for her. Frankie was that family. Getting them together was going to be the hard part since they were separated by more than 20 years of time. The only question was how would they be able to cross time to find each other? The answer lies with Crystal, Frankie's best friend. I love to help and I love my friends like family and would do just about anything for them. I wanted Frankie to have that, so Crystal was born. She has strong psychic powers and is able to communicate with the other side. Is Frankie strong enough to go against her non beliefs of the supernatural to try and find Annie with Crystal's help? Well, you'll just have to read it to find out.

Q: What was the most difficult part of writing A Sacrifice for Friendship?
DSB: Without giving too much of the story away, I would have to say the climax of the story was the hardest part. It was a stretch to use all of my research and turn it into a true tale of unconditional love. Once I finished writing it, the feedback I received was proof enough for me to know that I had accomplished what I'd set out to do. Another hard part was writing a climax that wasn't predictable, and I can honestly say that not one person who has read this story, had figured out the ending. If they had figured it out, they never wrote to say so. But the ones that did write, hadn't guessed. Believe me, I asked them all.

Q: Why did you feel the need to change it, add more material, for the second printing?
DSB: There were a few loose ends that I thought I hadn't tied up the first time it went to print. I am so thankful to have a second opportunity to change the segments I thought could've been written better and add the scene that I thought was missing. I think it's even more satisfying now.

Q: Whom do you think the book will appeal to most?
DSB: Anyone with a sense of adventure, an open mind regarding supernatural occurrences and simply one who loves a love story. Essentially, A Sacrifice for Friendship is a love story, but a love that holds true on many levels involving many people. Frankie experienced and discovered several types of love in this story and wanted to share them with you. She's good like that. So, if you like a story that'll keep your interests all the way through the pages, then this one is for you.