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DS Bauden's Bio

DiDiane Bauden is a sucker for a happy ending no matter what the tale or circumstance. She believes that things always happen for a reason in this life and that emotional journeys are a necessary means to an end.

With the release of her third book, A Saving Solace, new fans will quickly learn what hundreds of others discovered years ago: this woman packs more feeling in one book than some people experience in a lifetime.

"I'm big on feelings and emotions in my stories and I can't wait to see if someone felt my words while they read them. It's a great rush for me. If I don't get that reaction, then maybe I need to work a little harder," she said.

A loyal group of online fans frequently are treated to the author's stories before they are published. During the writing of her first book, A Sacrifice For Friendship, readers literally begged for updates. When the story was finished many had become so involved with the characters they needed to reread the story to maintain the connection.

"I have to admit," one reader said, "this was the hardest of your stories to read. Well worth it, but a little hard on the heart. But hey, it gets easier now that I'm rereading it for the fifth time."

Diane took up writing when she got to the point in life that nearly everything was an inspiration for a story.

"I write because I have so many ideas and stories in my head, I would burst if I didn't. I like being able to touch people with the stories I write. Everyday life inspires me. I've seen and felt many things in my thirty-five years. They say the best writers will write what they know and I'm trying to be no different in that aspect. I tend to get my best ideas from driving or dreaming. Something I see will spark my muse and she just runs free."

Diane has no shortage of life experiences to draw from as she and her long-time partner surround themselves with family and friends. Growing up as the seventh of eight children in the suburbs of Chicago, Diane has always embraced family as the foundation for her life and her work.

"I write about love and emotions and finding one's soul mate. That story to me is the greatest story ever told. I also tend to touch on death/loss and abandonment, since they appear in all of our lives at one point or another. Everyone feels alone sometimes and I like letting people know the opposite is also true: You don't have to feel that way. There's always going to be someone who knows what you are feeling, and maybe my writing will help them in their grief or healing. That would truly be wonderful.

"There's an amazing connection I feel when someone writes to me to say they have shared the same or a similar experience I've written about. I feel extremely happy if I've been able to reach even one person. If I can evoke emotion from them, then I feel I've written well. That definitely keeps me writing."

DS Bauden's published work includes:
  • A Sacrifice For Friendship, March 2002
  • Nurturing Souls, February 2003
  • A Saving Solace, August 2003
  • Tomahawk'd, April 2008

Contact Di:
Diane S. Bauden
PO Box 6062
Lindenhurst, IL 60046

E-mail: dsbauden@dsbauden.com

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